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Predictive and Preventive Maintenance September 1, 2022

Dynamic Stability System

The Hyster Dynamic Stability System is a maintenance-free forklift stability control system designed to help reduce the likelihood of forwards and sideways tip overs by continually monitoring the truck’s center of gravity and automatically implementing measures to support stable travel when certain unsafe conditions are detected. The technology includes four different sub-systems, which help to reduce truck lean in turns, limit truck speed, tilt speed and tilt range when carrying elevated loads raised above a certain height and smoothly decelerate the truck when traveling around corners. The system also reinforces proper forklift operating behavior through the use of visual and audible alerts that communicate the cause of the automatic performance adjustments to the operator.

Hyster Company
Material Handling May 20, 2020

Hyster Tough Truck Designed for Maneuverability in Tight Stockyards

Hyster Company announces the new H155-170FTS series, a 15,500 and 17,000-pound capacity sit-down counterbalanced truck series specifically designed for optimum maneuverability in tight, crowded outdoor storage environments. The FTS series has two main features that contribute to this increased maneuverability. The overall truck length is reduced by up to 12.8 inches due to a shorter counterweight design, while maintaining residual capacity.

Hyster Company
Machinery and Equipment June 4, 2020

H40-70UT Series

The Hyster H40-70UT Series is a sit-down, counterbalanced forklift. The 4,000 to 7,000-pound capacity internal combustion engine model is the first in the line of UT Series trucks to be released.

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