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Supply Chain September 19, 2018

Largest modular cryogenic gas processing plant introduced

Honeywell announced its UOP Russell business has introduced a high-recovery cryogenic gas processing plant that is 50% larger than other pre-engineered plants currently available and is designed to recover more than 99% of high-value ethane from natural gas.

By Honeywell UOP
May 24, 2018

Midstream company improving gas processing operations

Cureton Midstream LLC is using software to provide prescriptive monitoring of its gas processing plant in Weld County, Colo. The plant is designed to cryogenically extract 99% of ethane and 100% of propane from natural gas supplied by producers.

By Honeywell UOP
April 18, 2018

High-recovery cryogenic processing plant provided to Texas facility

Honeywell's UOP Russell business will provide a high-recovery cryogenic gas processing plant to Caprock Midstream, LLC for its Pecos Bend facility in West Texas.

By Honeywell UOP