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Manufacturing IT June 19, 2017

Conference focuses on IIoT for process, oil and gas industries

Honeywell Process Solutions’ (HPS) 42nd annual Honeywell Users Group (HUG) is focused on companies employing the Industrial Internet of Things for the oil and gas, process, and other industries to address ongoing operational challenges.

By Honeywell Process Solutions
Oil and Gas June 13, 2017

PLC for enhanced cybersecurity, integration

Honeywell Process Solutions' (HPS) ControlEdge programmable logic controller (PLC) is designed to reduce integration efforts and project costs as well as enhanced cybersecurity for industrial facilities.

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Automation, Controls September 12, 2016

Supply chain and production management software portfolio

Honeywell Process Solutions' (HPS) Symphonite is a portfolio is designed to offer an end-to-end solution for the oil and gas, refining, mining, metals, and minerals industries.

By Honeywell Process Solutions
August 20, 2016

Measurement portfolio for midstream natural gas applications

Honeywell Process Solutions' (HPS) measurement portfolio is for the midstream natural gas sector and consists of three products: The TwinSonicplus ultrasonic gas meter, the Encal 3000 gas chromatograph, and the GasLab Q2 online gas quality analyzer.

By Honeywell Process Solutions
Mechanical & Electrical March 10, 2015

Vietnamese oil company selects company to handle project management for offshore oil and gas platform

Hoang Long Joint Operating Co. (HLJOC) has selected Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) to handle project management as well as install control and safety solutions for an oil and natural gas platform located in the Te Giac Trang (TGT) Field off the southern coast of Vietnam.

By Honeywell Process Solutions
Mechanical & Electrical August 20, 2014

Safety, production process upgrades for offshore platform in Russia

Sakhalin Energy Investment Co. has contracted Honeywell Process Solutions has been contracted to upgrade process control and alarm management systems at the Molikpaq platform on the Sakhalin shelf in Russia.

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Safety & PPE June 6, 2022

Immersive Field Simulator

Honeywell's new version of its Immersive Field Simulator (IFS) offering, a virtual reality (VR) and mixed-reality-based training tool that incorporates a digital twin of physical plant operations to provide targeted, on-demand, skill-based training for workers. With IFS technology, plants can simulate scenarios such as primary failure and switchovers, and cable and power supply failures, that train and test personnel on their skills. The IFS – R120 – incorporates a simulation engine that enables customers to build field operator training lessons without having to link to a larger panel operator simulator. This provides more flexibility in how they conduct training and alleviates the need to pull multiple operators off shift for sessions.

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