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Cybersecurity June 29, 2012

HUG: Myth of air gaps

In case anyone was wondering, air gaps don’t exist.

By Greg Hale,
Safety Standards June 28, 2012

Grid security teeters on edge

Security technology used by U.S. electric utilities has flaws and could increase the odds of computer intrusions or sabotage, the chairman of an industry standards group warns.

By Greg Hale,
Safety Standards June 27, 2012

HUG: Next generation technology

Safety and security are two vital areas of coverage that can help manufacturers sustain operations at their plants heading into the future.

By Greg Hale,
Safety Standards June 26, 2012

New old process boosts solar, fuel cells

Chemical reactions on the surface of metal oxides, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide could give a boost for solar cells that convert the sun's energy to electricity.

By Greg Hale,
Cybersecurity June 25, 2012

RPI’s disaster management simulator

A disaster may never occur, but it is nice to know if one does, a system is in place to take on whatever elements present themselves.

By Greg Hale,
Cybersecurity January 30, 2012

Improving security in the cloud

Cloud computing will keep increasing as the demand for computing power increases.

By Greg Hale,
Cybersecurity December 13, 2011

Wireless networking security a must

The new era of Ethernet and wireless networking in industrial applications has increased security concerns to an all time high, and for good reason.

By Greg Hale,
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