Making warehouse management efficient and better through CMMS August 18, 2022

Autonomous mobile robots’ role growing in industrial operations

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are increasingly finding applications in the mobile robotics ecosystem as automation becomes the new normal.

By GlobalData
Courtesy: GlobalData
Energy Management August 4, 2021

Hydrogen production capacity to rise 20-fold by 2030

With green hydrogen increasing, emissions are being reduced in the sectors involving refining and chemicals

By GlobalData
Courtesy: GlobalData
Power Systems March 16, 2021

China to lead global chlorine capacity additions by 2025

GlobalData reports that chlorine capacity is poised to see considerable growth by 2025 with China leading the charge.

By GlobalData
Plant Automation March 24, 2020

Manufacturers focusing on faster automation in wake of coronavirus

GlobalData reports that the coronavirus (COVID-19) has made manufacturers realize the need for faster automation and innovation, but it is going to take time to recover from the virus' economic effects.

By GlobalData
Making warehouse management efficient and better through CMMS May 24, 2019

Predictive maintenance gains greater significance in oil and gas industry

GlobalData's report on predictive maintenance finds oil & gas companies are increasingly relying on it due to aging infrastructure and volatile crude pricing.

By GlobalData
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