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Sustainability October 18, 2022

Hydrogen blending demonstration with fuel cells

Companies, utilities and research institutions are investing resources into advancing hydrogen’s role in the net-zero economy. One such project involves a prestigious university in California.

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Energy Management October 14, 2022

Boilers improve sustainability, energy efficiency at mushroom farm

Ostrom Mushroom Farms looked to expand their operations with a new facility that better suited their mushroom growing as well as improve their energy efficiency with three boilers that provided significant energy savings across their 43-acre facility.

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Courtesy: Baystate Medical Center/BROAD USA
Sustainability October 12, 2022

Gas cooling benefits in medical and recreational facilities

Gas cooling systems can help hospitals and recreational facilities reduce their energy costs by providing reliable cooling in facilities where year-round cooling is needed.

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Figure 1: Freshpet installed a combined heat and power (CHP) system at their facility in Bethlehem, Pa., which required additional work because of stringent food safety standards. Courtesy: Northeast-Western Energy Systems (NES-WES)
Energy Management October 11, 2022

CHP success stories for commercial and industrial facilities

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems can help provide comfort and stability in large facilities while reducing power costs.

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Figure 2: Skid-mounted CycloneCC system. Courtesy: CarbonClean
Energy Management October 10, 2022

Installing point source carbon capture on industrial sites

Carbon capture technology is a way for companies to safely remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from flue gases and the technology is getting smaller – making it more economically-viable for more companies.

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Courtesy: Kinetrex Energy, a Kinder Morgan company
Power Systems April 20, 2022

RNG benefits for fleet vehicles

Renewable natural gas (RNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) are being increasingly used by companies such as UPS for their fleet vehicles. Learn why.

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Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Energy Management April 19, 2022

Improving the efficiency of steam traps

A look at how a facility in suburban Chicago improved energy efficiency and reduced natural gas costs by identifying several energy saving potentials.

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Courtesy: CarbonQuest
Energy Management April 18, 2022

Reducing building carbon emissions

Cities such as New York are forcing buildings to reduce CO2 emissions, which has allowed some entrepreneurs to develop building decarbonization solutions to reduce emissions in a smart, efficient way. See video.

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Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Energy Management April 17, 2022

Improving industrial equipment efficiency

Industrial equipment manufacturers (IEMs) build a specific type of industrial equipment repeatedly without much customization. Improvements can be challenging, but it can result in major savings and better efficiency for companies.

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Courtesy: Pan Pacific
Energy Management April 16, 2022

Improving hot water heating efficiency at hotel resort

Tankless water heaters were used at the Pan Pacific Hotel in British Columbia to improve overall hot water heating efficiency and reduce maintenance needs.

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Courtesy: Tate & Lyle
Power Systems April 16, 2022

CHP success stories

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems play a key role throughout the United States as a key source of power for facilities and several examples of how they improve a facility’s overall performance are highlighted.

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Courtesy: Dublin City Schools and Clay Consulting
Energy Management April 15, 2022

VRF natural gas heat pumps chosen for charter school system

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) natural gas heat pumps are used in two campuses at a charter school system in Georgia.

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Courtesy: Black Hills Energy
Energy Management September 30, 2021

LDC Focus: Spotlight on Black Hills Energy

Black Hills Energy is ready to make tomorrow even better than today

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Courtesy: Align RNG
Energy Management April 3, 2021

LDC Focus: Spotlight on Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy is developing cleaner forms of natural gas to help its customers reduce their carbon footprint

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Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Energy Management April 2, 2021

How to improve energy efficiency in the baking industry

Energy efficiency improvement opportunities are applicable at the component, process, facility and organizational levels

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Source: Natural Gas Technology Centre
Power Systems April 1, 2021

Using hydrogen in industry

A look at hydrogen, from generation to injecting it into gas networks to the role it plays in decarbonizing the steel industry

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Energy Management September 29, 2020

LDC Focus: Spotlight on DTE Energy

DTE Gas is taking a unique, holistic approach to achieving its net zero goal by including suppliers and customers on the journey

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Energy Management September 25, 2020

Bridging the gap between electrical infrastructure and renewables

While renewable energy sources like wind and solar photovoltaics may be the future of a low carbon electric grid, they there is a need for reliable and resilient dispatchable generation along with energy storage

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Power Systems September 24, 2020

Understanding the growing importance of hydrogen

A look at hydrogen, from generation to blending with natural gas

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Electrical Systems March 30, 2020

LDC Focus: Spotlight on Enbridge Gas Inc.

Ontario utility embarks on North America’s first utility-scale Power to Gas plant project

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Electrical Systems March 27, 2020

Decarbonization and electrification: View from the utilities

Two utilities speak out regarding their efforts and views on decarbonization and electrification

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Power Systems March 26, 2020

Cutting carbon in California

Environmental and energy concerns are typically addressed in California first; for a preview of what’s to come regarding decarbonization, look West

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Safety Standards September 30, 2019

ISO 50001 benefits for manufacturers

The ISO 50001 standards establishes an energy policy and process to achieve energy management objectives for manufacturers.

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Power Systems September 28, 2019

LDC Focus: Spotlight on Atmos Energy

Atmos Energy Corp. has experienced growth as an energy provider for the distillery market in Kentucky and Tennessee.

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Power Systems September 27, 2019

CHP is a cost-effective solution for cannabis production

Combined heat & power (CHP) is a reliable source of electricity and power for cannabis owners, which need a constant and reliable source to ensure their plants quickly grow.

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Power Systems September 26, 2019

Fueling asphalt production with LNG and CNG

Asphalt companies without a readily-available pipeline are turning to LNG and CNG.

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Energy Management September 25, 2019

Producing RNG through power-to-gas technology

Power-to-gas (P2G) technology can help produce renewable natural gas (RNG) without creating greenhouse gas emissions, but there are questions about how to make P2G work, mostly related to system optimization and electric grid integration; projects in the field and university research are working to answer those questions.

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Energy Management March 31, 2019

Portland generating renewable natural gas

Renewable natural gas (RNG) projects in Portland, Ore. announced its first RNG-to-vehicle fueling station.

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Energy Management March 30, 2019

Spotlight on National Fuel

For 115 years, National Fuel has been operating safely and responsibly in Western New York, Northwest Pennsylvania.

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Energy Management March 30, 2019

Duke Energy issues second green bond

Duke Energy Progress completed its first issuance of $600 million in green bonds that will finance eligible green energy projects, including the development, construction, and procurement of solar generation in the Carolinas.

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Power Systems March 27, 2019

NGV trucking outlook on the rise

Increasing fueling opportunities for over-the-road (OTR) trucks and the availability of improved truck technology with larger, more efficient engines make natural gas vehicles a cost-effective, environmentally responsible choice because of lower emissions.

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Energy Management March 26, 2019

Integrating renewable natural gas

Renewable natural gas (RNG) can be used in any existing infrastructure or process that currently uses conventional natural gas.

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Power Systems March 25, 2019

Full steam ahead: Packaged boilers

Packaged boilers focus on safety, efficiency, and modularity.

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