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Compressed Air August 11, 2023

P400HRP centrifugal compressor

Built upon the success of our P400 model, the P400HPR has advanced features and superior performance to meet any high-pressure application while ensuring energy efficiency and reliability. P400 features and benefits include: Low-pressure bearings provide extended bearing life. Simple, practical design with minimal rotating and wearing parts. Straight-through intercooler tube accommodates periodic cleaning, rather than replacement. Full-capacity auxiliary oil pump continues normal, safe operation in the event of a main oil pump failure. R1000 control system featuring a 9" full touch-screen display efficiently manages plant load and maximizes energy savings. Horizontally split gear case and internal components are integral features of the only truly field-serviceable gear box in the industry. ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0, 100% oil-free air minimizes downtime from oil contamination in the production line and eliminates the need for off-site condensate disposal. Engineered coatings designed for extreme conditions provide extended service life of internal and external surfaces, reduced maintenance, and corrosion prevention.

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