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Asset Management March 21, 2021


MES Software provides functions and processes to prepare, plan and execute factory floor operations uniformly, track progress at real-time and increase agility to align as the day demands. SFactrix MES/MOM Software provides all features required to run lean manufacturing operations. The inbuilt AI-based Manufacturing Intelligence module provides performance KPIs, downtime alerts, loss-based metrics, scrap trends, MTTR and MTBF.

Factana Computing Inc
Asset Management February 19, 2021

Fogwing Asset+

Fogwing Asset+ is an IoT enabled Smart CMMS Software that helps Maintenance Managers to execute maintenance operations with real-time insights for reliability and higher performance. Fogwing Asset+ is the comprehensive software for Asset Performance Monitoring and Computerized Maintenance Management System powered by IoT and AI technologies. Asset+ provides everything you need to run your maintenance operations with real-time insights for higher operational efficiency and lower operational cost.

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