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Electri-Flex Company offers an exceptional array of liquidtight flexible electrical conduit solutions in four distinct categories: Jacketed Metallic, EMI/RFI Shielded, Unjacketed Metallic and Nonmetallic. Electri-Flex conduit is used in numerous applications, including construction, data centers, defense, healthcare, food, oil & gas refineries, mining, power plants, steel mills, utilities, renewable energy, telecommunications, rail/transit, plus many more. Jacketed Metallic conduit offers the advantages of a flexible sealed raceway coupled with the strength of a metal core. Conduits range from UL listed and CSA certified products to specialized ones designed for extreme temperatures, non-halogen, low smoke, RFI shielding and food grade applications. EMI/RFI Shielded conduit is designed to protect sensitive electronic circuits from outside interference or "noise." These conduits accept industry standard liquidtight connectors and address the problems associated with assembly and grounding. Jacket materials range from standard PVC to halogen-free polyurethane to high/low temperature thermoplastics. Unjacketed Metallic conduit is free of nonmetallic materials, offers the highest physical protection to electrical wiring. Available in a wide range of sizes and types, this series of noncombustible conduits is perfect for applications that require protection from crushing and high impact, and involve negotiating tight bends.  Nonmetallic flexible conduits are made without a metal core and are ideal for corrosive environments and high flexing applications where weight might be an issue. Made of flexible and rigid PVC, Nonmetallic is flame and sunlight resistant, offer extreme temperatures, and UL and CSA certifications. 


Safety & PPE March 23, 2023

LNMP – Food Grade

The UL-listed, flexible liquidtight, nonmetallic conduit Type LNMP-Food Grade now has an improved antimicrobial jacketing that offers a wider temperature range and is made with a new food processing blue jacketing. Type LNMP is made of flexible PVC with a nylon reinforcing braid and is ideal for continuous flexing applications as it does not contain a metal core that could fatigue with repeated flexing. Liquatite Food Grade electrical conduits now include Type LNMP-Food Grade, LAFG, LSSFG, and NMFG and are ideally suited for food processing, pharmaceutical, bottling equipment and clean room installations.

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