Ed Duda

Ed Duda is an Industry 4.0 Application Specialist at Motion. He has a multidisciplinary background in operations and maintenance excellence, with several key roles for DTE Energy, Freeport-McMoRan Inc. and Des-Case Corporation. Duda has extensive experience in operational and maintenance strategy execution, lubrication program development and deployment, and applying Industry 4.0 technologies within manufacturing facilities. He has traveled across the United States over the last nine years and continues to drive continuous improvement projects. Duda holds a Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, and several certifications (CMRP, ICML MLT I and MLA I/II).


Overgreasing creates additional heat and failure of equipment, as shown here. This motor bearing and shaft are dripping with grease.
Gears and Bearings August 26, 2022

Bearings, bearings, bearings… the world runs on bearings

To support overall bearing maintenance, addressing careless work habits goes a long way.

By Ed Duda
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