Dr. Yulia Sosa


Mechanical & Electrical May 7, 2024

Design requirements and challenges for single-use EV fluids

Industry experts share their knowledge on current single-use electric vehicle (EV) fluids requirements, chemistry and related challenges to testing and components designs.

By Dr. Yulia Sosa
Courtesy: POLARIS Laboratories
Lubrication February 24, 2022

New and in-service grease testing

Experts discuss considerations for lubricating grease testing while formulating and in-service testing practices.

By Dr. Yulia Sosa
Two-stage rotary screw compressor, SKY2.
Lubrication January 18, 2022

EP and AW additives in rolling bearing lubrication

EP and AW additives in rotary screw compressors improve the service life of bearings in moderate and higher load applications.

By Dr. Yulia Sosa
Lubrication June 2, 2021

Review lubricant and grease storage and handling practices

Following safety protocols and procedures while handling lubricants is extremely important.

By Dr. Yulia Sosa