Dr. Michael Wrinch


Mechanical & Electrical March 14, 2023

Considerations for choosing the right flyback diode and rating

There are several important considerations when selecting flyback diodes that can make the difference in reliable design and extending the life span of the system.

By Dr. Michael Wrinch
Courtesy of: Hedgehog
Energy Efficiency & Management June 15, 2022

The opportunities and drawbacks of demand management using battery-solar solutions

The rebound effect has negative implications on demand efficiency — but a smarter battery charging system (SCS) can be the solution.

By Dr. Michael Wrinch
Courtesy: Hedgehog Technologies
Safety & PPE February 10, 2022

Factory acceptance testing best practices

A factory acceptance test (FAT) for the system and issuing a certificate of conformity on both operation and function is critical.

By Dr. Michael Wrinch