Don Yates


Automation, Controls January 19, 2016

Cyclone separators

The importance of the cyclone separator is moving from the tried and true technologies to different and specific applications not considered possible even a decade or so ago until 3D printers appeared in a range of industrial applications—from one-off person-specific medical implants to cost effective short run specialized spare parts manufacturing.

By Don Yates
Mechanical & Electrical May 18, 2015

Flared-gas powered Pykrete can protect offshore rigs

Gas flaring is a waste of energy and by taking flared gas and redirecting it, it can be used to power a pykrete barrier for offshore rigs that can contain spills and protect the rigs from harsh weather and even pirates.

By Don Yates
Manufacturing IT March 25, 2015

Environmentally friendly fracking?

A possible agent of change is the 2014 Australian Mining Prospect Award for innovative mining solutions that was won by the Columbus Group for its 3D down-the-hole, high-water-pressure-drilling system. Since the award in Sydney, October 2014, development continues with multiple applications.

By Don Yates
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