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Workforce Development January 15, 2008

Face up to the challenges, get involved in the solutions

What’s the matter with U.S. manufacturing? There’s a perception that U.S. manufacturers are fleeing to set up shop in countries where labor is cheaper, and this perception has created extensive debate throughout American industry. However, this perception is far from the reality that plagues our industries today.

By Darrin Wikoff, Life Cycle Engineering
Safety Standards December 15, 2007

Improve all the M’s in TPM system

As discussed last month in Part 1 of our look at TPM, “Total” and “Productive” are the methods by which organizations implements solutions to resolve issues associated with Machines, Manpower, Materials and Money. In Part 2, we explore the focus of improving each of these M’s within TPM.

By Darrin Wikoff, Life Cycle Engineering
Power November 15, 2007

What’s the ‘M’ in TPM?

It’s confusing, at times, when working with a number of sophisticated clients who are engaging my help to implement TPM because I see the same acronym used to drive change within organizations, but with so many different meanings. So I ask you, what’s the “M” in your TPM? The first time I asked this question, I got the strangest look.

By Darrin Wikoff, Life Cycle Engineering
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