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Gears and Bearings January 29, 2024

Back to basics: Learn about unique gear design in machinery

These common gearset designs all have unique characteristics and are used in various applications.

By Dan Holdmeyer
Lubrication January 17, 2023

Additives and engine oil lubrication

Engine oils contain a complex blend of additives to minimize emission and aid efficiency.

By Dan Holdmeyer
Lubrication January 10, 2023

Used oil analysis fundamentals

A quality oil analysis program with a series of consistently timed samples is key to successful preventive maintenance.

By Dan Holdmeyer
Lubrication January 9, 2023

Crude oil to base stocks to base oils to lubricating oils

The refining process has improved throughout the history of crude oil use, with base stock quality continuing to benefit from new technology.

By Dan Holdmeyer
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Lubrication October 12, 2022

The basics of lubricant water contamination

Steps taken after water contamination is identified depend on the type of lubrication product and its intended use.

By Dan Holdmeyer
Lubrication July 27, 2022

Air entrainment, aeration, cavitation and foaming: How are they related?

There are many causes and solutions to this foaming issue

By Dan Holdmeyer
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Lubrication June 15, 2022

Regrease properly to improve bearing life

A simple equation and a checklist of important considerations can help to optimize the greasing of bearings.

By Dan Holdmeyer
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Predictive and Preventive Maintenance June 13, 2022

Fluid sampling best practices

This can derail the best fluid analysis program and cause severe maintenance issues for companies.

By Dan Holdmeyer