Material Handling January 10, 2017

Corrosion-inhibiting coating

The VpCI-368 corrosion-inhibiting coating is more powerful with the addition of extra vapor-phase corrosion inhibitors. VpCI-368 is designed to provide protection for metal substrates exposed to harsh outdoor conditions.

By Cortec
Safety & PPE October 25, 2016

Dessicant pouch for electrical applications

Desicorr is a desiccant pouch that comes in a windowed or windowless form and can be used for electrical applications such as semiconductors and electronics components.

By Cortec
Material Handling July 6, 2016

EcoShield 386 water based coating

EcoShield 386 water based coating powered by Nano VpCI is a water based corrosion inhibitor that protect metal structures in extremely harsh outdoor conditions with a thin high gloss clear coat.

By Cortec
Mechanical & Electrical June 20, 2016

Lithium EP grease for lubrication

The CorrLube VpCI Lithium EP grease offers longer lubrication with corrosion protection on electrical connections.

By Cortec
Safety & PPE August 22, 2015

Creped paper packaging with corrosion protection

CorShield VpCI-146 creped paper packaging is designed to provide multi-metal corrosion protection and does not contain nitrates, phosphates, or silicates.

By Cortec
Mechanical & Electrical December 29, 2014

Biodegradable fuel additive

The VpCI-705 is a biobased, biodegradable fuel additive to bio-fuels, produced using renewable and sustainable raw materials.

By Cortec
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance October 9, 2014

Corrosion protection technology

Eco-efficient, compact, space-saving and unobtrusive inhibitor derived from sustainable resources.

By Cortec