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Electrification of mini excavators.
Hydraulics August 23, 2022

Electrification sparks mobile hydraulics growth

Vehicle electrification will offer mobile hydraulic suppliers an opportunity to innovate as vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) look to electrify their fleets.

By Brianna Jackson
Courtesy: Interact Analysis
Hydraulics July 13, 2022

Electromechanical actuators will replace hydraulic cylinders faster than expected

Hydraulic cylinders may be replaced by electromechanical actuators within vehicles in the material handling sector more quickly than previously thought.

By Brianna Jackson
Semiconductors July 14, 2021

Drive suppliers facing supply chain issues, semiconductor shortage

Motor and drive suppliers are rebounding from COVID-19, but are not out of the woods yet and are facing major supply chain issues and a semiconductor shortage.

By Brianna Jackson