Machinery and Equipment January 10, 2024

Flexible control cables for control and power applications

AutomationDirect has added the versatile and highly flexible Helukabel TRAYCONTROL 600V control cable that is ideal for industrial control, power, and instrumentation applications. The individual bare copper conductors are stranded for flexibility and are covered with a black PVC/nylon insulation with white numbering for easy identification. A green with yellow stripe ground conductor is also included with cables containing more than two conductors. The special PVC outer jacket is free from cadmium, silicone and substances harmful to the wetting properties of lacquers and paints, making these cables a great choice for painting, plating, and coating applications as well.

Machinery and Equipment December 13, 2023

Industrial screwdrivers, pliers, crimpers, wire strippers and cutters

AutomationDirect is pleased to announce the addition of world-renowned Wiha tools to our vast selection of industrial tools. The new Wiha tool offering includes various types of standard, insulated and miniature/precision screwdrivers; multi-bit, hex, and impact bit drivers; general purpose, insulated, cutting, crimping and precision pliers; cable shears and many tool set choices. Wiha tools are built with top-quality materials, ergonomically designed, and engineered with safety in mind to ensure long-lasting, reliable, and safe operation.

Mechanical & Electrical November 29, 2023

Compact data and signal surge protection devices

AutomationDirect has added BLITZDUCTORconnect yellow/line compact data and signal surge protectors to their growing lineup of surge protective devices. These surge protectors feature a modular, compact design for system protection in industrial environments, information technology signal interfaces, and automation or measuring and control systems. The integrated LifeCheck monitoring function helps ensure the arrester can protect equipment from lightning strikes and surges. Several protection module types are available to configure a system, including units that protect low-voltage, analog, and communication circuits.

Motors & Drives November 1, 2023

Toshiba EQP Global SD Severe Duty Motors

Toshiba EQP Global SD Severe Duty Motors from AutomationDirect   AutomationDirect recently added the EQP Global SD severe duty motors from Toshiba. The Toshiba EQP SD series motors are designed to withstand the most severe conditions. Since most AC motor failures are a result of failed bearings, these inverter-duty motors feature oversized 300-series bearings for maximum motor longevity.   The Toshiba EQP SD series motors are available in 230/460 VAC voltages, sizes from ¼ hp up to 100 hp, and speeds of 1200, 1800, and 3600 rpm.

Safety & PPE November 1, 2023

Patlite NE Series Visual and Audible-Visual Signaling Beacons

Patlite NE Series Visual and Audible-Visual Signaling Beacons from AutomationDirect   AutomationDirect has added Patlite NE series visual and audible-visual signaling beacons to their portfolio of industrial signaling devices. These signaling devices are offered as visual-only beacons or as combination devices with a buzzer or selectable tone alarm (8 different tones) and signal beacon.   Mono-color beacons are available in red, yellow, green, blue, or clear models. Multi-color versions support 7 selectable colors allowing users to signal numerous different equipment conditions with one device.

Machinery and Equipment September 27, 2023

SSP safety switches

AutomationDirect has added SSP magnetic locking RFID non-contact safety switches to their portfolio of safety products. The SSP safety switches monitor and lock machine guards, doors, windows or other machinery. These safety switches combine both magnetic locking and RFID technology to provide tamper-proof protection using coded actuators. Contact is not required between the switch and actuator, which allows for a degree of misalignment.

Mechanical & Electrical September 13, 2023

LUTZE type HAR/MTW wire

AutomationDirect has added 300V to 750V rated LUTZE type harmonized European standard/machine tool wire that meets National Electrical Code  and NFPA Standard 79 requirements and is commonly used for appliance wiring, control cabinets and machine tool applications in Europe. These wires consist of a tinned copper single conductor covered with a color-coded polyvinyl chloride outer jacket and are available in sizes ranging from 0.75 mm2 (19AWG) to 4.0 mm2 (12 AWG). Striped versions are also available in various colors including blue with white stripe, white with blue stripe and green with yellow stripe.

Mechanical & Electrical September 13, 2023

Gladiator GECP series modular circuit protectors

AutomationDirect has added Gladiator GECP series modular 12/24 VDC circuit protectors to their selection of electronic circuit protection devices. The GECP series offers both fixed trip current versions and a version with an adjustable trip current range and adjustable trip characteristics. LED signaling with output alarms allows real-time status monitoring.

Electrical, Power September 20, 2023

Iboco wire duct options

AutomationDirect has added more Iboco wire ducts which provide an easy, efficient and safe way to organize wires and cables routed inside an electrical enclosure or cabinet. Our new shorter-length (1 meter) Iboco T1 series wide-finger-wall wire ducts and T1E series narrow-finger-wall wire ducts add more options for installation convenience in smaller projects. In addition, T1E series wire duct is now available in 2m self-adhesive versions that help reduce installation errors by temporarily holding the duct in position while being secured with screws. Iboco wire ducts are rugged UL recognized products made of a UL94V-0 flammability-rated PVC material and include two predetermined break lines on the sidewalls that allow easy removal of a single finger or a full segment from the base.

Machinery and Equipment August 23, 2023

Hammond enclosure products

AutomationDirect now offers more enclosures and accessories to cover a wider range of needs. These new additions from Hammond Manufacturing include carbon and stainless steel junction boxes in various sizes, with NEMA 3/4/12 ratings and screw covers. Polycarbonate and ABS miniature cases with screw covers and NEMA 4/4X/6/6P/12/13 ratings expand the line even further, as well as a variety of carbon and stainless steel wiring troughs, rated NEMA 1/4/4X/12. Along with the new enclosures, numerous accessories have been added, including mounting feet for C3SC and C4XSC enclosures, more latching options, and carbon steel / stainless steel plinth options for Hammond workstation consoles.  .

Wireless August 30, 2023

Quabbin cut-to-length Ethernet cables

AutomationDirect has added more Quabbin DataMax industrial and commercial Ethernet cable gauge sizes and styles to their cut-to-length cable offering. New Quabbin DataMax Extreme industrial Ethernet cable additions include Cat6/6a cable in 26 and 24 AWG with 4-twisted pairs and 7-stranded tinned copper conductors. These cables are available with a black polyurethane jacket.

Compressed Air August 16, 2023

Metal work syntesi air prep components

AutomationDirect has added new Metal Work Syntesi air prep components to their pneumatic components category. This value-packed addition offers a full selection of combination pre-assembled air prep systems including manual shut-off, filter/regulator, and lubricator assemblies; filter/regulator and lubricator assemblies; filter and lubricator assemblies; and filter and coalescing filter assemblies. Also available are individual components including filter/regulators, filters, regulators, shut-off valves, soft start valves, lubricators, modular pressure switches, air distribution blocks and dial gauges. All assemblies and components are available in two body sizes as well as a selection of port sizes ranging from 1/8” NPT to 1” NPT.

Machinery and Equipment August 16, 2023

Cutting, crimping and wire stripping tools

AutomationDirect is pleased to announce the addition of more wire and cable cutting, stripping and crimping tools to serve your application needs. Our new crimping tool additions include a fixed crimping tool with indent profile, more tools with oval and trapezoid crimp profiles, a crimper model with a color-coded connector reference, and a new square profile rotatable self-adjusting crimping tool. In addition, AutomationDirect has added a pistol grip automatic cutting/stripping tool that provides stress-free operation, and a versatile cable dismantling/stripping tool that allows circular, lengthwise, and spiral stripping of all cable sizes and insulation types.  .

July 12, 2023

IO-link control cable and insulation options

AutomationDirect has added LUTZE SUPERFLEX control cable that is well suited for short to medium length articulated drag chain (C-tracks) installations requiring moderate to high performance. The High Glide TPE insulation and PVC outer jacket provide resistance to sunlight, oil and moisture penetration. This makes the cable suitable for indoor wet and dry applications or outdoor installations.

Engineered Materials June 14, 2023

Black Anodized T-slotted Rails

Black Anodized T-slotted Rails from AutomationDirect   AutomationDirect has added the 10 (1 inch), 15 (1.5 inches), and 40 (40mm) series of SureFrame rails, in standard and light weights. These new rails are offered with a UV-resistant black anodized finish, which provides a new aesthetic option in addition to the standard clear anodized finish that is available for all series and weights of SureFrame T-slotted rails.   SureFrame rails are used to build sturdy, custom-made structural frames and are warranted from manufacturer defects for one year from the date of purchase.   The new black anodized SureFrame rails can be ordered in cut-to-length sections starting at $0.37/inch.     Learn more by visiting:

Machinery and Equipment June 14, 2023

Megapro Multi-Bit Drivers from AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has added new multi-bit drivers from Megapro. These bit drivers are versatile screwdrivers designed to house a set of common or specialized screwdriver bits for a variety of industrial applications. Megapro bit drivers are available with various double-ended industrial grade S2 steel bits and have an alloy shaft that also serves as a ¼” hex nut driver.

Mechanical & Electrical June 7, 2023

Bryant Pin & Sleeve Mechanical Interlocks

AutomationDirect has added Bryant pin and sleeve mechanical interlocks to their lineup of motor disconnects and controllers. These interlocks use pin and sleeve technology to connect and disconnect mobile equipment safely. By using matching Bryant pin and sleeve connectors with keyways, these interlocks safeguard against connecting devices of different amperage and voltage ratings together.

Lighting May 31, 2023

WERMA eSIGN Series LED Signal Towers

AutomationDirect has added new WERMA eSIGN series LED signal towers to their lineup of pre-assembled stacklights. These new signal towers, available in 9- and 15-tier models, feature a variety of customizable operating modes and lighting effects. eSIGN signal towers provide full-surface signaling with electronic modularity and can operate as a traditional stacklight or be used for variable filling level indications. They can be easily configured via a USB connection and the free configuration software; select models can also be configured via IO-Link. These signal towers are available with or without a 105dB, selectable 10-tone audible alarm and can be base, wall, or tube mounted (mounting accessories sold separately). WERMA eSIGN signal towers are UL listed, CE marked, and RoHS compliant.

Info Management May 3, 2023

Epson LabelWorks Portable Label Printers

AutomationDirect has added Epson LabelWorks portable label printers for your wire marking needs. The Epson PX series label printers are available in four different models and support 3 to 36mm [1/8 to 1-1/2 in] labels. The LW-PX300 is a low-cost, compact wire-marking, bar code, and general-identification label printer. The LW-PX400 printer is a portable, wireless industrial labeling and wire-marking printer that is Bluetooth™ compatible and works with iOS™ or Android™ mobile devices.

Motors & Drives April 19, 2023

Rolled Steel Motors

WEG Rolled Steel Motors from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect is proud to announce the addition of WEG brand motors to their existing motor portfolio. With this launch, several general-purpose 1- and 3-phase motors from ¼ to 3hp have been added, as well as certain high-performance inverter duty motors from ½ to 1hp, motors certified for hazardous locations (Class I, Div 2, Groups A,B,C,D) up to 3hp, and 3-phase brake motors from ¼ to 2hp. These new motors come with a TEFC or TENV IP55 enclosure and offer speeds of 1200, 1800, or 3600 RPM (depending on model). Brake motors come with a spring set, solenoid actuated AC brake with a manual brake release lever. All new WEG rolled steel motors come with an 18-month warranty and start at $193.00. Learn more by visiting:

Machinery and Equipment April 26, 2023

Swivellink Mounting Systems

Swivellink Mounting Systems from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added Swivellink Standard series device mounting systems to their Barcode/RFID/Vision product category. Device mounting systems are assembled using several components and can be configured to mount vision cameras, lights, sensors, and scanners. They allow for precise adjustment and ease of equipment installation. These mounting systems are modular, and components are selected individually to suit the needs of the application.

Machinery and Equipment March 22, 2023

Slotted Rail Hardware Components

AutomationDirect has added more FATH hardware components to their selection of T-slotted rail products. These components easily install in SureFrame rails, as well as many other brands, and include roll-in T-slot nuts with spring loaded ball, slide-in T-slot nuts, screw and miter connectors, 1- and 2-slot pivot joints, extended swivel bases, foot consoles, leveling casters, magnetic catches, sensor mounting blocks, protection profiles, profile sliders, roller elements, and much more. Also added is a 4-axis workstation and workstation components which allow PC monitors and peripherals to be mounted near the equipment. Components include swivel monitor mounts, monitor mounting joints, multi-axis mounting supports, and many other accessories. New panel holders and panel mounting blocks are also available for wire mesh or solid machine guarding.

Arc Flash & Electrical Safety October 19, 2022

More STAHL Intrinsically Safe Isolators

More STAHL Intrinsically Safe Isolators from AutomationDirect     AutomationDirect has added more intrinsically safe isolation barriers from STAHL. These modules ensure only a safe amount of energy resides in an electrical circuit, installed in a potentially explosive atmosphere, so that no sources of ignition are created.   More digital, analog, and temperature modules, new frequency transmitter isolators, and a Zener Barrier for thermocouple signals have been added.   Additional accessories include a configuration kit for the temperature and frequency modules and replacement fuse kits for the Zener Barrier.   The new STAHL intrinsically safe isolation barrier modules start at $189.00 and come with a one-year warranty.   Learn more by visiting:

Mechanical & Electrical October 19, 2022

More Quabbin Control and Signal Cable

More Quabbin Control and Signal Cable from AutomationDirect     AutomationDirect has added more control and signal cables from Quabbin. These signal cables are available in shielded or unshielded versions, with conductor sizes from 24AWG to 16AWG, and with various conductor counts ranging from 2 to 25 conductors depending on cable size. Twisted pair or twisted triad options are also available. Individual conductors are stranded tinned copper with color-coded insulation for easy identification; all cables include a PVC chrome gray jacket. These 150-, 300- or 600-volt rated cables are ideal for low-voltage control signals and audio applications. The new Quabbin control and signal cables are UL and CSA approved, proudly made in the USA, and can be ordered cut to your specified lengths in 1-foot increments with a 30-ft. minimum starting at $0.23 per foot.

Material Handling February 1, 2023

Socomec Modular Midget & CC Fuse Holders

Socomec Modular Midget & CC Fuse Holders from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added new Socomec modular Midget and CC Class fuse holders to aid with the completion of overcurrent protection circuits in industrial systems. These finger-safe, DIN-rail mounted fuse holders are available in 1-, 2-, or 3-pole versions with a blown fuse LED indicator on select models. They are offered with up to a 30A capacity and a 200kA interrupt rating for CC Class fuse holders, and a 100kA interrupt rating for Midget Class fuse holders. Socomec modular fuse holders come with a 1-year warranty and are UL listed, CSA approved, CE marked, and RoHS compliant. The new Socomec modular fuse holders start at $4.50. Learn more by visiting:

Machinery and Equipment November 16, 2022

More SureFrame T-Slotted Rail Profiles

More SureFrame T-Slotted Rail Profiles from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added additional profiles of SureFrame t-slotted rails. The new 30mm x 60mm and 60mm x 60mm profiles added to the 30 Series lineup allow for greater project flexibility. These new profiles offer the same durability as existing SureFrame rails and are compatible with slotted rails/hardware from most other manufacturers.   SureFrame t-slotted rails can be ordered cut to length and are guaranteed against manufacturer defects for one year from the date of purchase.   The new SureFrame T-slotted Rail Profiles start at $0.21/inch.     Learn more by visiting:

Hydraulics December 14, 2022

Peninsular Hydraulic Cylinders

AutomationDirect's Peninsular hydraulic cylinders are interchangeable with other popular brands of NFPA hydraulic cylinders, are offered with bore sizes from 1-1/2 to 4 inches, stroke lengths up to 24 inches, and tapped end caps for mounting accessories. Available accessories include mounting brackets and hardware to ensure a perfect fit as a replacement cylinder on existing equipment. The new Peninsular hydraulic cylinders are made in the USA from the highest quality materials, come with a one-year warranty. Learn more by visiting:

I/O Systems, I/O Modules December 7, 2022

Murrplastik Cable Entry System Components

Additional and FDA-Compliant Murrplastik Cable Entry System Components from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added new cable entry system options to their Murrplastik product line. Murrplastik cable entry systems easily allow installation of non-terminated or pre-made /terminated cables through an enclosure or other bulkhead surface. The new KDP/R series offers a general-purpose, round, one-piece frame available in two different sizes, capable of holding up to 46 non-terminated cables in a single frame. The new KDL/H-VA-FDA series FDA-compliant stainless-steel split frames, available in three sizes, use FDA approved grommets and can hold up to 12 pre-made or terminated cables. Also added is the KDP series FDA Cablequick® system, a one-piece stainless-steel frame that can hold up to 48 non-terminated cables.

I/O Systems, I/O Modules January 25, 2023

RHINO Pro DC-to-DC Converters

New RHINO Pro DC-to-DC Converters  from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added new RHINO Pro DC-to-DC converters that are designed for harsh industrial environments and provide high EMC immunity, shock/vibration resistance, and thermal shock resistance. This line offers models with 150W outputs at 12, 15, 24, or 48 VDC, and ultra-wide input voltage ranges of 9.5-36 VDC or 18-75 VDC. They provide protection against overtemperature, overload, short circuit, reverse input, overvoltage, and input undervoltage lock-out, and deliver a constant current output at 100% load, making them ideal for battery charging applications. The new RHINO Pro DC-to-DC converters offer a 3-year warranty, are UL recognized, CE marked and RoHS compliant, and start at $190.00. Learn more by visiting:

Asset Management October 19, 2022

New Seifert Enclosure Thermal Management Products

New Seifert Enclosure Thermal Management Products from AutomationDirect     AutomationDirect has added new quality Seifert products to their existing enclosure thermal management lineup. The SlimLine series of enclosure air conditioners is designed for indoor and outdoor use, operating with an internal closed loop system to protect from dust, oil, and water intrusion. These air conditioners offer up to 4,900 BTU/H, high-performance fans, and are constructed of heavy gauge carbon steel.

Ethernet December 14, 2022

Quabbin Communication Cable Options

  More Quabbin Communication Cable Options from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added new communication cables from Quabbin, providing even more options for reliable Ethernet and Profinet communication. New continuous flexing 26AWG Cat5e or Cat6/6a shielded industrial Ethernet cable is available with two or four twisted pairs. Cable jacket options include Zero Halogen Flame Retardant (ZHFR), Flame Retardant Thermoplastic Elastomer (FR-TPE), and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). This cable can be ordered cut to length in 1-foot increments with a 20 or 25ft.

Vision and Discrete Sensors November 30, 2022

Contrinex Specialty Inductive Proximity Sensors

NEW Contrinex Specialty Inductive Proximity Sensors from AutomationDirect   AutomationDirect has added new stainless-steel specialty inductive proximity sensors from Contrinex. These new proximity sensors are designed for extreme environments and are offered in 3mm to 50mm diameters with protection ratings up to IP69K. Select models are rated for high-temperature applications up to 230°C [446°F] and high-pressure applications up to 500 bar [7251 psi]. Other models feature metal chip immunity which eliminates the risk of false switching due to metal debris.

Mechanical & Electrical November 2, 2022

Bryant Pin and Sleeve Devices

Bryant Pin and Sleeve Devices from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added Bryant pin and sleeve wiring devices to their current offering of low-cost wiring solutions. These devices include non-conductive electrical plugs, connectors, receptacles, and inlets designed to withstand heavy-duty industrial environments and maintain a reliable watertight connection resistant to accidental disconnection. Bryant pin and sleeve devices are designed to meet IEC 60309-1 and IEC 60309-2 international regulations for easy-to-use standardized configurations and safeguarding against connecting devices of different amperage and voltage ratings together. In addition, accessories for these pin and sleeve devices are available to provide various optional mounting methods and watertight seals when not in use. The new Bryant pin and sleeve devices start at $74.00, and accessories start at $16.00.

Material Handling October 12, 2022

FBP Control Cable

More LUTZE SILFLEX® FBP (Food & Beverage rated) Control Cable from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added new LUTZE SILFLEX FBP cable options to their existing cut-to-length cable lineup. More 20, 18, 14, and 12 AWG shielded and unshielded cables, an additional 16AWG shielded cable, and a new 10AWG shielded cable option are now available.  LUTZE SILFLEX FBP cable is specifically designed to meet all UL and FDA requirements for cabling used in food and beverage facilities.

Machine Safety April 27, 2022

Additional Safety Mats, Edges, and Bumpers

Additional Safety Mats, Edges, and Bumpers from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added additional safety mats, edges, and bumpers from ASO Safety Solutions. These safety products protect people and machinery from harm. Mats detect the presence of personnel on horizontal surfaces (usually the floor), edges can be used on any surface, usually near possible crushing or shearing points, and bumpers are used in applications involving vehicles or other moving equipment. Starting at $170.00, the new ASO safety mats include five additional sizes of the standard black mats with straight or tapered edges, and four new mats in safety yellow.

Switchgear June 22, 2022

New Captron Caneo Series Capacitive Pushbuttons

New Captron Caneo Series Capacitive Pushbuttons from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added new Captron Caneo Series10 and Series41 pushbuttons to expand their offering of capacitive pushbutton switches. Capacitive pushbuttons utilize touch control and are activated without pressure when a hand or body part nears the device's surface. Series10 switches, suitable for a wide range applications, feature 360° visibility and are available in standard, stainless steel, and hygienic EHEDG-certified models.  Series41 switches offer a large 2.36” diameter touch surface, a 7-segment display, and are ideal for applications requiring an intuitive and clearly visible status display.

Vision and Discrete Sensors September 24, 2022

ProSense Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

ProSense Miniature Photoelectric Sensors for Space-Limited Applications from AutomationDirect. AutomationDirect has added ProSense miniature rectangular photoelectric sensors to their inventory of almost 4,000 sensors and encoders. The new ProSense RW mini photoelectric sensors provide an affordable solution for small applications with very limited space.

Motors & Drives September 21, 2022

igus Linear Slide Actuators and XYZ Gantries

igus Linear Slide Actuators and XYZ Gantriesfrom AutomationDirect. AutomationDirect has added linear slide actuators from igus. These lead screw-driven and belt-driven linear slide actuators can be used as single-axis slides or can provide an economical means of creating high-performance XY or XYZ gantry systems.

Electrical, Power March 16, 2022

Pro2 Power Supplies and DC-to-DC Converters

New WAGO Pro2 Power Supplies and DC-to-DC Converters from AutomationDirect . AutomationDirect has added WAGO Pro2 power supplies to their growing lineup of performance power products. These high-efficiency power supplies reduce losses, save cabinet space, and increase energy savings.

Electrical Systems March 23, 2022

Gladiator GCB Series Molded Case Circuit Breakers

New Gladiator GCB Series Molded Case Circuit Breakersfrom AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added Gladiator GCB series molded case circuit breakers to their lineup of circuit protection devices. Gladiator MCCBs are designed to reliably protect circuits and equipment from thermal overloads, short circuits, and ground faults. Available in two or three-pole configurations, these high-performance circuit breakers are offered in seven frame sizes up to 1200A with a selection of trip units and up to a 100kA interrupting capacity.  A variety of accessories provides connection to external disconnect handles and offer auxiliary functions such as status monitoring and shunt or undervoltage trip.  The Gladiator GCB Series breakers start at $154.00, are UL listed, CE approved, RoHS compliant, and come with a 2-year warranty.

Mechanical & Electrical March 16, 2022

Cable Entry Systems and Cable Glands

Bimed Cable Entry Systems and Cable Glands from AutomationDirect. AutomationDirect has added BPA series split-frame and BRM series solid-frame cable entry systems and cable glands from Bimed. Cable entry systems provide safe installation into enclosures or electrical equipment, securing cables and providing strain relief while maintaining enclosure sealing requirements. The BPA series cable entry system allows cables to be installed through an enclosure or other bulkhead surface without requiring disassembly of connectors from pre-made or terminated cables and without compromising environmental protections. The BRM series allows for a high density of non-terminated cables to be installed through a small area of an enclosure or other bulkhead surface while maintaining environmental ratings. New cable glands include EMC-rated models available in National Pipe Thread (NPT), Panzer-Gewinde (PG), and metric threads. EMC cable glands maintain shielded cable integrity, allowing entry without compromising the cable shield’s protection from electromagnetic interference.A selection of hygienic cable glands is also available in NPT and metric threads.

Vision and Discrete Sensors July 27, 2022

Winters Pressure Accessories

Winters Pressure Accessories from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added new pressure sensing accessories from Winters. These accessories will protect delicate pressure measurement equipment from damage caused by pressure surges, superheated media, and more.  Included in the new product release are siphons that protect pressure gauges, transmitters, and switches from the effects of high-temperature media such as steam.

Mechanical & Electrical July 13, 2022

Phase and Voltage Monitoring Relays

AutomationDirect has added new phase and voltage monitoring relays from ProSense. The PMRU-2C series true RMS phase monitor relays protect 3-phase equipment from damage that can occur when there is a phase loss, phase reversal, phase unbalance, undervoltage, or overvoltage condition. These relays are designed to provide protection for most generator systems and applications that use non-sinusoidal waveforms.

Motors & Drives July 22, 2022

DURApulse GS10 Micro AC Drives

DURApulse GS10 Micro ac Drives from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added the DURApulse GS10 series as their newest and most affordable line of micro AC drives. GS10 drives are available in a variety of voltage and horsepower ratings, including single-phase 120VAC models in sizes from ¼ to 1 hp, single-phase 230 Vac models from ¼ to 3hp, three-phase 230 Vac models from ¼ to 7.5 hp, and 460VAC three-phase units from ½ to 10 hp. Even with the low price, these drives offer advanced features such as sensorless vector control, PID control, multiple motor support for induction motors, as well as the ability to control permanent magnet motors.

Plant Automation June 22, 2022

Fandis Filter Fans

AutomationDirect has added a new line of enclosure filter fans to their inventory of thermal management devices. The Fandis Virdis series filter fans provide a low-cost thermal management solution for applications where the surrounding cooler air can be used to reduce the internal temperature of an enclosure. The Virdis series fans are available in both NEMA 12 and 3R models.

Power Systems March 30, 2022

Transformers and Buck-Boost Transformers

Acme Electric Encapsulated Core General Purpose Transformersand Buck-Boost Transformers from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added new 1-phase encapsulated core general purpose transformers and buck-boost transformers from Acme Electric.  These general-purpose transformers use electrical grade silica and resin compounds to completely enclose the core and coil to prevent corrosion and insulation deterioration. They are available in various voltages and sizes from 0.25 to 25 kVA. In addition, the new encapsulated buck-boost transformers provide a low-cost and reliable option to correct off-standard voltages.

Machinery and Equipment April 13, 2022

Cut-to-Length Food and Beverage Rated Control Cable

Cut-to-Length Food and Beverage Rated Control Cable from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added LUTZE SILFLEX® FBP control cables, specifically designed to meet all UL and FDA requirements for cabling used in Food and Beverage facilities. The patent-pending food-safe design of these cables has been evaluated by third-party tester Ecolab for resistance to commonly used cleaning agents and reduction of contamination risk.  LUTZE SILFLEX® cables are available in sizes ranging from 20AWG to 12AWG and in shielded and unshielded versions.

Vision and Discrete Sensors March 23, 2022

Inclination Sensors

AutomationDirect has added Gefran inclination sensors to their growing lineup of position transducers. Gefran sensors use cutting-edge MEMS technology (micro-electromechanical devices integrated onto a single silicon chip) to provide reliable and precise tilt angle measurement with respect to gravity.  The Gefran sensors are rugged and suitable for the harshest environments. They come in an encapsulated, thermoplastic housing with a high IP67/69K rating and are available with an integrated cable or M12 quick-disconnect; M12 quick-disconnect models are fully redundant, having two sensors in one housing.  Gefran inclination sensors start at $189.00, are CE marked and RoHs compliant, and come with a 3-year warranty.  Learn more by visiting:

Power Systems May 18, 2022

Drive Isolation Transformers

HPS Drive Isolation Transformers from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added drive isolation transformers from Hammond Power Solutions to their growing lineup of transformers. Their rugged design allows them to withstand the mechanical stresses, voltage distortions, and heating associated with motor drives.  In addition to all the benefits of a line reactor, they also provide isolation, common-mode noise and transient suppression, and prevent drive-induced ground currents from being passed upstream.

Plant Automation May 11, 2022

FATH T-Slotted Rail Hardware

FATH T-Slotted Rail Hardware from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added additional sizes and styles of FATH T-slotted rail hardware. Several new types of fasters have been added including socket head cap screws, flanged button head socket cap Torx head screws, flat head socket cap screws, self-tapping screws, and reducer bushings.  Additional sizes of button head socket cap head screws, roll-in T-slot nuts, hammer nuts, economy nuts, caster adapter plates, and transport base/plates have also been added.  All FATH T-slotted hardware components are compatible with many brands of extruded aluminum rail including AutomationDirect’s SureFrame cut-to-length T-slotted rail.