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Plumbing, Pumping March 23, 2023

UCR Glass Washer

Auto-Chlor System, a national leading supplier of commercial dishmachines and chemical solutions for restaurant and bar operations, highlights the UCR Glass Washer, a fast, water-efficient, and energy-efficient machine that accommodates all glass sizes and shapes. The UCR Glass Washer is ideal for high volume glass applications in pubs, bars, cocktail lounges, wineries, breweries and more. The complete wash cycle is a fast 60 seconds. A three compartment, rotating rack allows washing to occur in one section while soiled items are simultaneously loaded into a second section and cleaned items are ready for removal from the third section. The large 11.5 inch cavity height accepts full size mugs, stemware, pitchers, carafes, and more.

Auto-Chlor System
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