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Andax Industries LLC, located in Saint Marys, Kansas, engineers and manufactures top-quality leak and spill control products, pole and pad mount leaking transformer containment (including the new, environmentally friendly ECO-Sac™, secondary containment systems, containment pools, decontamination showers and equipment and flexible film liners. We are also a distributor for Streamlight® flashlights, Hardigg® Storm cases, Pelican™ cases and flashlights and Klein Electronic products. We have recently added “perfect fit” custom cut foam to fit anything you have that needs protecting that will fit in any of our cases.We continually research new materials and methods to provide cost-effective products for your leak and spill control concerns. Our goal is to continue, through our unique engineering and manufacturing capabilities, to bring you the highest quality, most-effective and innovative products.Our customers include: electric utilities, industrial facilities, hazmat teams, fire departments, transportation companies, homeland security and more. We are celebrating over 40 years in business.


Safety & PPE April 1, 2021

Big Containment Pac

Stow it behind a truck seat or in a crowded cargo area. The Andax Big Containment Pac (BCP) is 110 gallons of spill containment in a 15” x 18” x 5” package. But how can so much fit in such a small package? The BCP contains an Inflatable Containment Tank – a self-inflating containment pool that can hold up to 100 gallons.

Andax Industries LLC
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