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Machinery and Equipment June 8, 2023

Galvo Scanning Heads

Amada Weld Tech US announces a range of galvo scan heads for precision laser welding applications. Common usages for these scanning heads include point-to-point positioning for multi-point welding, shape welding for hermetic seams, and beam weaving to increase weld width. Point-to-point positioning is frequently employed where multiple welds are needed over a small area, for example, electronic connector leads. The jump speed is nearly instantaneous compared to either traditional motion stages or robotic motion and can decrease cycle times. Contour welding: galvo scanning heads are adept at steering the laser beam in an XY plane to create a seam weld of any programmed shape. This is commonly used for electronic package welding, where a specific motion is necessary to create a hermetic seal, and for lap welding configurations where additional weld contact is required.

Amada Weld Tech America
Automation, Controls May 10, 2022

MIB-300A and MIB-600A AC Inverter Welding Power Supplies

The MIB-300A and MIB-600A AC Inverter Welding Power Supplies offer increased control resulting in more exact heat input and better quality welds as compared to traditional AC weld controls.The AC inverter uses inverter technology with pulse width modulation (PWM) to produce and simulate an AC waveform. Unlike AC welders that use line frequency and depend on well-regulated facility power, the AC inverter can produce an AC frequency from 50 Hz to 500 Hz allowing more precise energy delivery in less time, is not affected by line voltage fluctuation, and provides a balanced three phase load.The MIB-300A and MIB-600A feature secondary constant current control, up to 20 pulses per weld and the ability to set upslope, downslope and weld interrupt. Up and downslope improve energy input into the welded material and interrupt stops the flow of current if displacement breaches a set level, preventing over welding.MIB-300A and MIB-600A may be used with the same transformers and weld heads as standard AC welders.

Amada Weld Tech America