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Additive Manufacturing February 13, 2024

Researchers demonstrate rapid 3D printing with liquid metal

MIT researchers have developed an additive manufacturing technique that can print rapidly with liquid metal. See video.

By Adam Zewe
Energy, Power February 6, 2024

Self-powered sensor harvests magnetic energy

A system designed at MIT researchers could allow sensors to operate in remote settings, without batteries.

By Adam Zewe
Additive Manufacturing January 4, 2024

Portable mass spectrometer created with 3D-printed components

Miniaturized mass filters are a key step toward portable mass spectrometers that could identify unknown chemicals in remote settings.

By Adam Zewe
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
AI & Machine Learning December 14, 2023

Machine learning approach accelerates problem-solving for logistics, power grids, more

A data-driven approach using machine learning could lead to better solutions for tricky optimization problems such as global package routing or power grid operation.

By Adam Zewe
Additive Manufacturing September 27, 2023

AI-driven tool makes it easy to personalize 3D-printable models

Researchers have developed Style2Fab, which allows makers to rapidly customize models of 3D-printable objects without hampering their functionality. See video.

By Adam Zewe
Additive Manufacturing May 11, 2023

Researchers 3D print a miniature vacuum pump

The device would be a key component of a portable mass spectrometer that could help monitor pollutants, perform medical diagnoses in remote areas.

By Adam Zewe
Additive Manufacturing September 2, 2022

Programmable materials that sense movements developed

A method for 3D printing materials with tunable mechanical properties that sense how they are moving and interacting with the environment has been developed.

By Adam Zewe
Courtesy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Robotics May 2, 2022

Easier ways to teach robots new skills

MIT researchers have developed a technique that enables a robot to learn a pick-and-place task with only a handful of human demonstrations.

By Adam Zewe
Courtesy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Robotics April 14, 2022

Teaching robots to manipulate soft objects

Researchers have developed a technique that could enable a robot to manipulate squishy objects like pizza dough or soft materials like clothing.

By Adam Zewe
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Robotics March 14, 2022

Helping humans understand robots

Researchers from MIT and Harvard suggest that applying theories from cognitive science and educational psychology to the area of human-robot interaction can help humans build more accurate mental models of their robot collaborators.

By Adam Zewe
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