Machinery and Equipment September 6, 2023

Shaft alignment system for machinery alignment

The AT-400 shaft alignment system is a state-of-the-art solution for precision machinery alignment. With 2-axis PSD alignment sensors, dual sweep, and dual multipoint methods, it ensures accurate alignment over a 65 feet (20 meter) measuring distance. Featuring the user-friendly GuideU interface, cloud connectivity and a lifetime warranty, the AT-400 is Acoem’s most comprehensive and user-centric alignment system.

Machinery and Equipment January 1, 2023

Belt hog

The Belt Hog is the go-to tool for belt alignment jobs. Using the pulley groove as the reference, the Belt Hog allows users to achieve a precise belt alignment for reducing wear, bearing failures, and vibration.

Maintenance Strategy March 1, 2020


The RT-300 is an all-in-one shaft alignment and machinery diagnostics tool. The system's included rugged tablet is pre-loaded with 5 unique applications that allow users to diagnose faults and perform precision shaft alignment on their machinery. Each application works in unison with one of three wireless sensors; a runout probe for performing pre-alignment tasks, wireless laser heads for alignment work, and a wireless triaxial sensor sensor for vibration measurements.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance October 18, 2022

AT-200 shaft alignment

The AT-200 is your sidekick for both horizontal and vertical shaft alignment jobs. Coupled with two wireless laser sensors, the included rugged tablet comes pre-loaded with two applications that will seamlessly guide individuals through the alignment process. Additionally, the Feet Lock and Target Value features offer enhanced control for correcting misalignment.