Acoem USA started as a small industrial services company in 1983, formerly known as VibrAlign, Inc. Since its early evolution as distributor for FixturLaser Shaft Alignment tools in 1991 and an acquisition by the Acoem Group in 2015, the organization stands as an industry-leading provider of reliability solutions, services, and training classes.  Our portfolio of products include solutions for Laser Shaft Alignment, Condition Monitoring, Belt Alignment, Geometric Measurement, and Machinery Diagnostics. This lineup of highly accurate, easy-to-use, and innovative tools provides answers to modern day challenges in the field of maintenance and beyond. Additionally, Acoem USA offers a custom-tailored condition-based maintenance service called Advisor. This service is a partnership with customers to fill the gaps in their existing maintenance program to increase the integrity and availability of their rotating machinery.Beyond our products and services, we offer a diverse range of training classes, both at our Richmond, VA facility and around the country at customers’ facilities. What makes our classes unique is that they are always hands-on and led by industry experts.With an emphasis on our relationships with customers, we have always strived to deliver experiences built around the needs of the client. Acoem USA’s success is defined by improving the way that our customers perform their jobs, all while delivering a remarkable customer experience. 


Machinery and Equipment September 6, 2023

Shaft alignment system for machinery alignment

The AT-400 shaft alignment system is a state-of-the-art solution for precision machinery alignment. With 2-axis PSD alignment sensors, dual sweep, and dual multipoint methods, it ensures accurate alignment over a 65 feet (20 meter) measuring distance. Featuring the user-friendly GuideU interface, cloud connectivity and a lifetime warranty, the AT-400 is Acoem’s most comprehensive and user-centric alignment system.

Machinery and Equipment January 1, 2023

Belt hog

The Belt Hog is the go-to tool for belt alignment jobs. Using the pulley groove as the reference, the Belt Hog allows users to achieve a precise belt alignment for reducing wear, bearing failures, and vibration.

Maintenance Strategy March 1, 2020


The RT-300 is an all-in-one shaft alignment and machinery diagnostics tool. The system's included rugged tablet is pre-loaded with 5 unique applications that allow users to diagnose faults and perform precision shaft alignment on their machinery. Each application works in unison with one of three wireless sensors; a runout probe for performing pre-alignment tasks, wireless laser heads for alignment work, and a wireless triaxial sensor sensor for vibration measurements.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance October 18, 2022

AT-200 shaft alignment

The AT-200 is your sidekick for both horizontal and vertical shaft alignment jobs. Coupled with two wireless laser sensors, the included rugged tablet comes pre-loaded with two applications that will seamlessly guide individuals through the alignment process. Additionally, the Feet Lock and Target Value features offer enhanced control for correcting misalignment.

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