Zero tolerance for counterfeiters

By Plant Engineering Staff May 16, 2006

Just three weeks after it filed suit to block a rival company from selling counterfeit circuit breakers, Square D has won a consent order to block the practice.

On April 28, Scott Electric signed the Consent Order in U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania to prevent the sale of counterfeit QO circuit breakers bearing the Square D trademarks and copying Square D designs. The suit claimed Scott Electric sold the counterfeit products. Scott Electric has agreed to end the practice, inform Square D of any further products in its possession, and intends to recall any counterfeit Square D products.

“The swift handling of this lawsuit demonstrates how determined and serious Square D is about putting an end to the counterfeiting of its products,” Snyder said. “There will be many more battles as part of the larger war Square D intends to wage on counterfeiters.”

On April 7, Square D filed suit against Scott Electric Company of Greensburg, PA, and a local retailer in the United States District Court located in Pittsburgh, PA. The lawsuit alleged that Scott Electric participated in false advertising, product disparagement and trademark infringement in violation of federal and state law and seeks monetary and injunctive relief to prevent Scott Electric from its false advertising and to stop both Scott Electric and the local retailer from selling or marketing counterfeit products.

“Square D is committed to enforcing its trademark and property rights and to prevent the sale and importation of counterfeit products bearing its trademarks or designs. Square D will also take appropriate action to prevent product disparagement and false advertising,” said Bill Snyder, vice-president of channel development for the Schneider Electric North American Operating Division.