Your resource for a better you

By Len O'Neal June 1, 1999

Over the last few years, the message from Plant Engineering magazine readers concerning skills development, training, and education has come through loud and clear: Year after year, this topic has always been at or near the top of the plant engineers’ priority list.

In a recent Plant Engineering magazine study, The Role of the Plant Engineer 2000 , over 80% of the respondents claimed that training, education, and skills development were a leading job function of the plant engineer. Furthermore, 75% of those surveyed said their involvement in this area would increase by the year 2000. (Complete results of this study can be accessed at www.plantengineering. com.)

As the problem-solving resource for the plant engineer, we, like many others in the Information Age, are placing a strong emphasis on the use of the internet to deliver the information and tools you need to do your job better. And professional development needs certainly are not immune to this direction. Read on to learn how Plant Engineering Online can help you be a better you.

The latest addition to our web site is Industry, an e-commerce enabled bookstore carrying over 25,000 books of special interest to the plant operations and manufacturing community. The site can handle individual orders placed through a major credit card with most books delivered within 5-7 days.

A distinguishing feature of is Cahners’ editorial and marketing expertise. Book reviews from our editors and unique topic collections organized by industry terms help users find books.

Future plans for include expanding the types of information resources available to white papers, manuals, videos, and software, making it a true information resource.

Resource Center is available within the newly created Professional Development section of Plant Engineering Online’s “Resource Center.” Additional resources within this section to help plant engineers with their skills development, training, and education needs include the following:

– Compilation of Plant Engineering magazine’s Reference Files, which cover basic product information or basic issues critical to plant engineers

– Direct access to an expanded list of available training opportunities in each of the PE channels

– Access to the career center at our partner site, Manufacturing Marketplace, where you can search for a job, post your resume, and read the latest job-related news and articles.

This information is just the beginning. The staff at Plant Engineering is continually investigating, planning, and developing new ways to deliver the skills development, training, and educational information you need. And feel free to contact us if you have an idea or suggestion on how we can help you to be a better you.