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Asset Management

Your questions answered: The power of mobile in maintenance and operations

Webcast presenter Kevin Price answered questions on enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions and how they help mobile operations.

By Kevin Price March 24, 2020
Mobile access enriches the communications link between field and office and allows field technicians have access to asset data in the right place, at the right time. Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology/Infor

CFE Media & Technology hosted a webinar on the power of mobile in maintenance and operations. This webinar discussed how mobile access enriches the communications link between field and office and allows field technicians have access to asset data in the right place, at the right time.

The webinar invoked numerous questions from the audience. Here are some of the most interesting, which were answered by Kevin Price, a technical product evangelist and strategist, at Infor.

Question: To go mobile with an EAM solution, what are some of the options in terms of platforms or functionality?

Answer: Some options that come into play are in operation of mobile, such as disconnected vs. connection… are in devices such as tablet, laptop, phone and kiosks, or in operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Android. Other options are in capabilities, such as work, equipment, materials, tools, case management, nonconformity management, checklist, inspections, etc. Other options are in security privilege such as work flow, status authorization, business rules, etc.

Q: When using an EAM solution equipped for mobility, is it possible to work in areas where there is no connectivity?

A: Yes, Infor Cloudsuite Mobile can support disconnectivity.

Q: What are the trade-offs between having an EAM solution resident on a cell phone as opposed to a tablet, if any?

A: Functionally, the product capabilities are the same. From a user experience, however, the difference really lies in the amount of screen real estate used given the size difference between the two devices (although phones keep getting bigger!).

Q: What kind of security features or functions are used to keep an EAM mobile application safe and secure?

A: Security for Infor is quite paramount, we spend a lot of time and investment in it.  Examples of security deployed with Infor CloudSuite Mobile include secure login, data synchronization/transportation via SSL, and user security administration that is cascaded from the core application of Infor Cloudsuite EAM.

Q: Are EAM solutions transitioning to the cloud in a way comparable to other enterprise applications, e.g., ERP?

A: Yes and no. Infor Cloudsuite EAM has been an option in the multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) mode since 2001. As such, we have built our application somewhat differently than many competitors… affording our customers the opportunity to have a solution that is the same on-premise as it is in the cloud (many others in the market offer “limited” products in the SaaS environments, for example). There are many other examples to consider.

Q: What’s the best way to justify to management the investment needed to go mobile with EAM?

A: There are many value points to consider, but should be based upon your business needs.

Kevin Price
Author Bio: Kevin Price is a product evangelist for EAM solutions for Infor.