Wireless lighting control without batteries

By Plant Engineering Staff February 6, 2007

The wireless lighting control system includes a wireless/battery-free switch and a receiver. Wireless switches cut installation time, cost and inconvenience. The switches look like standard wired switches, but can be installed into junction boxes, plaster rings or‘flush mounted’ to any surface with screws, tape or adhesive. The battery-free switches operate like normal light switches except they transmit wireless signals to control lights. The switches are powered by energy harvesting technology, which uses a coil and magnet combination inside the switch that generates energy from the force used to press the switch. The switches communicate with a receiver mounted beside a line voltage junction box and is designed to intercept the branch circuits for the lights that are to be controlled.Programming takes about 10 seconds and can be done with apush of a button. Each receiver stores the unique ID of up to 30 switches and is re-programmable, which simplifies adding switches. Each switch can be paired with an unlimited amount of receivers.

EnOcean (switches)

Echoflex Solutions, Inc. (receivers)