Winter products

By Plant Engineering Staff August 4, 2006

The company’s line of winter liners can be worn under hard hats and features a built-in back reflective strip and suspension straps, which allow users to attach the liner to hard hats. The medium-length standard Thinsulate and the shoulder-length deluxe winter liners comprise three layers: a cotton outer layer, a Thinsulate middle layer and a fleece inner lining. Liners remain flame retardant until washed. Sherpa liners offer a 100% cotton shell with a soft sherpa inner lining. They come in medium or shoulder length and are flame retardant. Fleece liners are heavyweight, flame retardant polyester fleece and come in regular, medium and shoulder length. Every liner comes standard with two pockets on either side to hold warming packs, an elastic strip along the forehead and hook-and-loop closures around the neck to provide a snug fit. Other winter products include economy-priced knitted tubes, mouth/chin covers and warming packs to protect outdoor workers from extreme conditions.

Allegro Industries