Why Should I Trust New Approaches to Electrical Safety Management: Your questions answered

Webcast presenters Rachel Bugaris and Marty Kronz answered questions about topics such as voltage indicators for AVTs, electrical safety, and labeling.

By Rachel Bugaris and Marty Kronz, Panduit July 13, 2018

The "Why Should I Trust New Approaches to Electrical Safety Management?" webcast was presented live on July 26, 2018, by Rachel Bugaris and Marty Kronz from Panduit. The webcast can be found here. They supplied written answers to some of those questions that weren’t addressed from the webcast attendees: 

Question: Do all AVTs have to have voltage indicators like the VeriSafe AVT?

Answer: AVTs listed to UL 1436 are not required to have voltage presence indicators. The VeriSafe AVT combines the features of an absence of voltage tester and voltage indicators in a single device.

Q: Does this device ensure there is no voltage present in the device where this device is used?

A: The AVT will test for absence of voltage at the point in the circuit where it is installed. If there are multiple sources of power in the equipment or multiple test points, more than one AVT can be used. 

Q: If Verisafe is OEM-incorporated in LV MCC’s, will respective buckets/ vertical sections maintain UL/ETL/CSA listings?

A: The VeriSafe AVT is suitable for greenfield and brownfield applications. In some cases, if you are not modifying the structure (for example, if a 30mm knockout already exists in the door), it may be possible to install the AVT without voiding the listing of the enclosure. As with any modification of listed equipment, it is up to the AHJ to determine if the new installation is suitable for the application.

Q: Should there be a sticker by the tester with an explanation of the number of flashes and its definition?

A: Panduit provides an optional label that displays the VeriSafe AVT diagnostic codes (part number VS-AVT-DL). Diagnostic codes are also available in the VeriSafe AVT Instruction Manual or by scanning the QR code on the yellow VeriSafe AVT Instruction Label.

Q: What is the temperature operating range of AVTs?

A: The VeriSafe AVT is designed with an operating temperature of 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F) and a storage temperature -45 to 85°C (-49 to 185°F).

Q: Can these be used in distribution panelboards?

A: The VeriSafe AVT is designed for use in electrical equipment up to 600V. This includes, but is not limited to, applications such as control panels, motor control centers, panelboards and safety switches.