Welcome to our new Website!

By Plant Engineering Staff January 27, 2006

PLANT ENGINEERING has launched this new Website to provide our online audience a faster way to get information and use the vast resources of our magazine in new ways.

“More than just a re-launch, we wanted to add some tools a plant engineer can use every day,” said editor Bob Vavra. “Our readers aren’t always at their desks, but they need access to information quickly, wherever they are. Our Website puts those tools at their fingertips.”

Among the new tools you can find here at www.plantengineering.com :

The Engineer’s Resource Guide: The centerpiece of PLANT ENGINEERING ’’s new Website, the ERG will ultimately archive the last 10 years of PLANT ENGINEERING ’’s outstanding technical stories, organized by subject area. “We will also be working with the top suppliers in the industry to aggregate case studies, white papers and other research, again organized by topic, to make finding information quick and easy,” Vavra said. “This will allow ERG to deliver knowledge efficiently to our readers.”

Web polling: The new Website also features more interactive opportunities than ever before. “Our poll questions will appear on the site, and the results will be reported each month in PLANT ENGINEERING ,” said Vavra.

Interactive comments: With just one click, readers will have a quick link to comment on issues they see in print,” Vavra said. “We welcome that feedback, which will appear on the site and in the magazine.”

Innovations: Our exclusive Internet Connection provides you with the fastest way to get information from the industry’s top suppliers, and the Products section in ERG offers the latest innovations from the pages of PLANT ENGINEERING.

Breaking news: The new site will also deliver breaking news in our expanded news section as well as provide a quick way to read the latest issue of the magazine online. “Information is more portable today than ever,” said Vavra. “We wanted to make PLANT ENGINEERING ’’s information not just portable, but immediate and robust.”