Vortex flowmeter

By Plant Engineering Staff November 15, 2006

The Rosemount MultiVariable 8800 vortex flowmeter allows both vortex and temperature sensors to be verified or replaced independently without breaking the process seals.

Users have traditionally preferred vortex technology in saturated steam applications due to its reliability and wide range capability.However, users also desire a compensated mass flow output. By incorporating multivariable technology, the 8800 can deliver all the benefits of vortex technology and a temperature compensated mass flow output directly from the meter, reducing process variability.

Traditional multivariable vortex designs integrate the vortex and temperature sensor into the same assembly.This requires process shutdown for verification or replacement and requires extensive spare part inventory. This flowmeter has isolated, independent vortex and temperature sensors, allowing both sensors to be verified or replaced independently without breaking the process seals, which eliminates process shutdown for verification of the temperature sensor.

The flowmeter lowers total installed cost of temperature compensated measurement points by 25% over external compensation of a traditional vortex. Cost is reduced by eliminating the need for an external thermo-well, temperature sensor and transmitter, and a flow computer or control system compensation program.In addition to temperature compensated saturated steam applications, the device can also be used to output the variables independently, allowing users to obtain additional temperature monitoring points, where it was previously cost prohibitive.

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