USB data logger for temperature measurements

This USB data logger is capable of measuring and recording more than 32,000 temperature readings, has a long-life lithium battery and is IP67 rated.

December 3, 2009
The EL-USB-1-PRO is a high temperature USB data loggercapable of measuring and recording more than 32,000 temperature readings from-40 F to 257 F. Housed in a waterproof, stainless steel enclosure that protectsthe logger from corrosion, impact and moisture, the unit is rated to IP67 /NEMA 4X standards and can be used in extremely hostile environments. The datalogger is supplied with a long life, replaceable lithium battery that allowslogging for up to three years.

Free configuration and download software is provided with

each data logger. Simply plug the logger directly into a USB port and use the

EasyLog software to choose a logger name, set a sample rate, program high and

low alarms and select immediate or delayed logging start. The unit can then be

placed in the chosen logging location. When logging is complete, plug the data

logger back into the computer’s USB port and download the data, which can be

graphed, printed or exported to other spreadsheet applications.
Lascar ElectronicsInc.