Training Products

By Staff November 10, 2004

Course leads to vibration analysis certification

Distance Learning Vibration Analysis Certificate Series has been developed to allow students to avoid travel. The programs in the series are designed to provide condition monitoring professionals with guidelines to enhance their knowledge. Practical material with meaningful exercises are presented for 3 to 4 hr every week for 12 weeks. There is an opportunity to interface with the instructor during the course.

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Test measures multicraft knowledge

Multicraft Maintenance Trainee Test is for applicants or employees who have at least one year of mechanical and electrical training or experience. It is a 60-question test on seven categories including: hydraulics and pneumatics, welding and rigging, power transmission, lubrication, shop machines, tools, pumps, piping, motors, control circuits, schematics, print reading, electronics, computers, and test instruments.

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Utility training is standardized

PowerSafe provides a fast and accurate way of verifying that power utility workers are trained and qualified. There is a central source for real-time records management, a sure way for companies to be certain that personnel working on their equipment are qualified. Benefits include: standardized training, reduced training time, and reduced time and expense of safety training auditing.

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Measurement training covers English, metric

Measurement Methods computer-based training program describes measurement applications commonly required for day-to-day maintenance. Using both English and Metric systems, the program includes an interactive vernier caliper and animated instruction on micrometers and dial indicators. Fully narrated, the program covers basic shop math and a review of decimal and fraction conversion.

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Course teaches CMMS implementation

CMMS:elearning course is windows-based and is ideal for plant engineers and managers. With the help of this course, the user will develop an individualized action plan to improve maintenance productivity and quality, reduce downtime, monitor and improve employee productivity, reduce outside contract work, monitor and control maintenance costs, and design, justify, and implement a CMMS.

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Versatile projector shows all

MP-20 solid object/multimedia projector allows for the projection of documents, photographs, 3D objects, transparencies, PC/MAC images, videos, and X-rays from a single unit. With the push of a button it can switch from viewing information on a computer screen, to viewing a document laying on top of the projector, to viewing a presentation video. The unit has 2000 ANSI lumens of brightness.

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Evaluator suggests customized training

skills-accelerator is an online program that helps companies to determine what their employees don’t know about their jobs and then identifies resources and tools to develop the employee in those areas. An analysis has been performed on job tasks that are commonly performed by technicians and electricians in a wide range of industries to determine the knowledge and skills required to properly perform each task.

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Training improves firestops, other containment

Facility Assurance Containment Team (FACT) program offers onsite support before, during, and after construction and renovation projects to help ensure compliance with local and national codes and standards. BASIC training provides step-by-step firestop training for contractors and inhouse personnel. The Firestop Installation Permit Program offers a simple, organized approach to managing firestop installation.

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