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Top 5 Plant Engineering articles August 17-23, 2020

Articles about protecting VFD investments, cable gland strategies, predictive maintenance and block valves were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from August 17-23, 2020. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra August 24, 2020
Variable AC drives can save users money by providing better motor control to operate the system at lower speeds and unity power factor. Courtesy: Danfoss

The top 5 most read articles online, from Aug. 10-16, 2020, for Plant Engineering covered protecting VFD investments, cable gland strategies, predictive maintenance and block valves. Links to each article below.

1. Top 10 ways to protect your VFD investment

Variable speed drives offer savings, if used properly.

2. Develop a cable gland strategy for hazardous environments

Tips on how to get maximum benefit from cable glands.

3. Connect automation to the power of predictive maintenance

Leveraging operational data already in control systems can drive distribution center (DC) performance and maintenance improvements.

4. How to isolate systems with block valves

Isolating industrial fluid systems is important; selecting the right valve configuration is critical to safe maintenance.

5. How to improve electrical maintenance with predictive tests

How to use these four predictive tests to improve your electrical maintenance plan.

The list was developed using CFE Media’s web analytics for stories viewed on, Aug. 10-16, 2020, for articles published within the last two months.

Chris Vavra, associate editor, CFE Media,

Chris Vavra
Author Bio: Chris Vavra is an associate editor for CFE Media.