Tools & Welding

By Staff April 28, 2003

Power tool safety

The web site focuses on safe practices for the use of portable and stationary power tools on the job. Visitors can access a straightforward compilation of rules and safe practices for each category of tools in a section called “Safety is Specific.” The site also contains lesson plans, quizzes, and support materials under a section called “Teaching Power Tool Safety.” Power Tool Institute, Inc. Write 300 on PE card

MIG welding training

Continuing education in welding helps improve operator performance and weld consistency. Free Basic MIG (wire welding) and Basic Electricity online training courses are designed to give users an understanding of the MIG process and issues dealing with electricity and how it relates to welding components and operation. These interactive courses can be found on the Training/Education page of the company’s web site. Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Write 301 on PE card

Clean concrete

Pour-n-Restore soaks into concrete floors for several hours and breaks down oil deep in the pores. As it dries, oil is pulled up to the surface and trapped in an absorbent powder. This provides containment of oil residue and makes proper disposal easy. The liquid does all this without scrubbing. Just apply, let dry, and sweep it up. Edgewater Industries Write 302 on PE card

Alignment laser

PL-100 alignment laser produces a bright red beam that is ideal for positioning equipment, aligning parts, guiding forklift operators, and positioning conveyors. Options for a laser line and other patterns are available. The unit is easy to set up and can be used right out of the box. Pinpoint Laser Systems Write 303 on PE card

Drill bit sharpener

XT3000 is an expandable tool sharpener that grows with your needs. The basic unit sharpens standard and split point drill bits at any angle from 118 deg. to 150 deg. Each drill’s point configuration is controllable, including relief and design of the split point. Darex Corp. Write 304 on PE card

Resin rapid repair kit

A line of cure-on-command resins can be used as adhesives, fillers, and sealants. Based on DOD funded research, these on-part resins require no mixing and cure from 28 F to 104 F without impacting strength or cure time. They can cure as fast as 15 sec. North Sea Resins Div. MedHesives, Inc. Write 305 on PE card

Portable welder

Ranger 305D is a powerful stick, TIG, wire, and pipe-welding, engine-driven power source that is ready for all day, everyday performance. It is built with a totally enclosed case for maximum protection, Chopper Technology for an outstanding arc, and a 12-gal fuel tank that lasts all day. The Lincoln Electric Co. Write 306 on PE card

No-drill sheet metal fastener

In less time than it takes to drill a hole, fasten items to sheet metal in one step with Punch-Pin . Specially shaped annular grooves bite into the base metal and form a permanent attachment that holds up to 250 lb. The pin was developed for attaching data plates, wiring clips, and small components to metal doors and electrical cabinets. Amtak Fasteners Div. Gripnail Corp. Write 307 on PE card

Extension flashlight

Stylus Reach LED flashlight has a 7-in. flexible extension that can be positioned to illuminate concealed areas other flashlights can’t reach. It is built with a virtually indestructible LED, available in white or blue that lasts for up to 10,000 hr, and provides up to 12,000 millicandles of light. With three AAAA batteries, the flashlight can operate for up to 60 continuous hours. Streamlight, Inc. Write 308 on PE card

Hex tool for tight spots

Stubby is a line of hex tools that solve the problem of reaching screws in obstructed areas. The short arm is bent with a tight radius and finished with a chamfered end to ensure easy entry into the screw head. The tools are made of Protanium steel that is 20% stronger than tool steel. Proguard finish gives five times more corrosion protection than standard finishes. Bondhus Corp. Write 309 on PE card

Improved die oiler

Model 418 handheld oiler’s pump delivers 50% more thread cutting oil than others. An ergonomically designed, two-finger trigger is easy to use. A 54-in. hose and a wide, curved steel nozzle directs oil onto dies in a controlled manner. A redesigned, heavy-duty reservoir resists impact without denting, cracking, or permanently deforming. Ridge Tool CO. Write 310 on PE card