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By Staff February 10, 2004

Forum for welding questions

Welding Talk Forum is an interactive chat room located at . There are three different forums: Welding Processes, Welding Projects, and Welding Products. The forum averages 25 to 35 questions each day and seldom does a question go unanswered for more than 24 hr.

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MIG buying guide

A free MIG Welding Buyer’s Guide helps make purchasing a MIG welding power source easier. This easy-to-understand guide explains how to select the welder and answers many commonly asked questions. The guide explains duty cycles, how to determine how much amperage to use, and outlines which features to look for in a power source.

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Flatness laser

MG-2000 Laser Flatness Kit consists of a precision laser supported on a rotational mount for aiming the beam. Locking mechanism and micrometer adjustment allow for fine angular control. The laser beam is projected to a digital receiver on an adjustable base. Machines and tools can be checked to 0.0005 in. for flatness.

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Portable power

Ranger 3 Phase delivers up to 11,500 W peak (10,500 W continuous) 3-phase power. The unit can also be used for ac or dc stick and TIG welding, MIG and flux-cored wire welding, and arc gouging. At 100% duty cycle, the power source is rated 225 A for dc, 210 A for ac, and 200 A for constant voltage. It offers a smooth ac/dc welding output.

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Cordless recip saw

WSR 650-A is a 24-V reciprocating saw that has superior cutting performance. The tool combines efficient gearing and a battery antidischarge system to prevent a full drain of the battery. A counterbalance feature yields less vibration regardless of the base material, from metal to PVC, to provide operators maximum comfort while making smooth, even cuts.

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3-jaw puller

A 3-jaw puller holds the jaws snug against the object being pulled when seating the puller, and prevents the jaws from slipping off under load. A centering point helps seat the tool and direct power straight, eliminating cocking. The hex pressure screw uses a standard wrench, eliminating special tools. A curved, hardened head won’t mushroom under hammering.

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