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By Staff June 10, 2004

Maintenance basics

MRO Essentials are products designed to help keep facilities cleaner, make equipment last longer, and reduce the cost of ownership on valuable assets. Whether labeling electrical wires, repairing cracked concrete, attaching labels to equipment, or general maintenance, the line offers a broad range of easy-to-use products to get the job done.

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Hot pressure washer

Hot Water Pressure Washer is mobile, won’t tip, and heats with diesel or fuel oil. The continuous-duty, 13-hp engine provides up to 4 gpm. Safety features include overheat and over-pressure protection, thermal bypass, and adjustable thermostat and pressure.

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Gas cylinder sling

BoaGrip gas cylinder sling is the first easy-to-use, adjustable tool for gripping, carrying, and suspending cylinders. The device solves these problems with an ingenious design that complies with OSHA ruling 1910-102(a) for safe handling of gas cylinders. The tool is basically a nylon sling with a sewn eye at one end and an oblong ring at the other.

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Align shafts

Microgage Spindle Alignment Kit consists of a laser mounted to a drive shaft, spindle, or gearbox flange that projects a precise reference beam along a centerline. A digital target receiver provides off-center measurements. Angular errors can also be handled. The system measures misalignments as small as 0.0001 in. and operates over distances up to 80 ft.

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Tank backpack

TankPak is the world’s first backpack for tanks. Heavy-duty, ergonomic shoulder straps allow carrying bulky refrigerant tanks, hands-free up ladders, into tight places, or into buildings safely. Features include: easy access to top of tank, expandable to fit different tank sizes, and a carrying handle that works as a tiedown when transporting.

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