Tools and Welding

By Staff August 1, 2005

Quick-change tubing cutter

Quick-Acting Tubing Cutters offer a large, ergonomic knob design that lets users apply more force to cut through tubing much faster. A quick-change wheel pin enables changing cuter wheels by hand in only a few seconds. The quick-change pin also eliminates lost fastening clips, so the cutter will not go down during a wheel change. This allows readily replacing heavily used wheels or quickly change the wheel according to the type of material being cut.

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Hard surfacing welding wires

VertiWear 600 and VertiWear AP gas-shielded, flux cored hard surfacing wires provide impact and abrasion resistance. They are designed for surfacing mild and low-alloy steel components that are prone to abrasive wear and medium to high impact forces. VertiWear 600 deposits a multi-purpose, martensitic steel alloy. VertiWear AP is best suited to build overlay on austenitic manganese steel. Both can be used for multi-layer deposits.

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Roll adjuster

Roll Adjuster is an alignment tool for the alignment of rollers, shafts and web-handling systems. Typical applications include paper mills, converting lines, printing presses, plastic bag lines and coating lines. The tool is placed on the top of a master roller, drive shaft or idler, and is held in place by a pair of V-legs or adaptable mounts. A fine-adjustment screw is turned until the precision bubble level is centered in its glass vial. Once that data is recorded, the tool is moved to successive rolls for additional measurements and adjustments.

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Four-beam laser

DW084K is a self-leveling four-beam laser that provides the user with a tool that offers repeatable accuracy, visibility, and durability. The unit features a self-leveling mechanism that has a magnetically dampened pendulum that levels on seconds, ensuring quick and precise leveling. All four beams originate from the same point, eliminating the need for calculating offset beam measurements. The tool has heavy-duty track magnets designed for easy positioning on steel tracks for fast and trouble-free setup.

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Gas cylinder brackets

Cylinder brackets maximize floor space while eliminating clutter and safety hazards by properly storing gas cylinders. They meet OSHA regulation standard CFR 1910.101. The brackets secure cylinders with a nylon strap and buckle tight to prevent falling or rolling. They are available to hold up to three cylinders of various diameters. OSHA recommends that cylinders be stored and used in a vertical position, which the brackets accomplish.

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