Tools and welding

By Staff November 10, 2004

Blind riveting

A catalog showcases a complete range of blind riveting products and technical information. It includes a complete troubleshooting guide, rivet and tool selection process guides, and a full portfolio of POP riveting systems. Each product contains an easy-to-read chart with a full range of product information such as rivet size, combination of body and mandrel materials, and part numbers.

Emhart Technologies Write 306 on PE card

Solve bolting problems

Solutions to Bolting Problems catalog contains technical information on mechanical stud/bolt tensioners including high-temperature designs, updated installation and removal procedures, and many application examples. Supernut Tensioners retrofit to existing nuts and bolts and require only hand torque wrenches to tension bolts tighter than any other method.

Superbolt, Inc. Write 307 on PE card

HVAC tools

A 2004 Imperial tube working and refrigeration service tools catalog is contained on a self-starting mini-CD. Added this year is an invention submission form for those inventors who would like to submit new tool or product ideas.

Stride Tool, Inc. Write 308 on PE card

Adhesives for maintenance

Catalog describes products and adhesives for maintenance and repair. It illustrates surface preparation and product use and describes epoxy, urethane, and methacrylates-based products for metal, rubber, concrete, and other surfaces.

Devcon Write 309 on PE card


Tool supply catalog offers more than 45,000 industrial hardware components including handwheels, handles, knobs, spring and ball plungers, leveling pads, clamps, fasteners, switches, and more.

Reid Tool Supply Co. Write 310 on PE card