Tools and Welding

By Staff November 15, 2002

Hand tool safety

A one hour program CooperTools High Performance Hand Tool Safety includes a 25-min. training video on hand tool safety and ergonomics considerations, a leave-behind safety booklet, tailored instructions for tools used in the hosting plant, a question-and-answer segment, and a test, leading to a certificate of completion presentation to participants. CooperTools Write 300 on PE card

Handy knife

Super Knife is the ultimate utility knife. It is constructed of stainless steel with an aircraft quality, anodized aluminum handle. The knife opens by means of an ambidextrous thumb stud on the blade holder and is secured in the open position by a liner lock. It is shaped to fit the hand, and weighs 3 oz. RDR Tools Write 301 on PE card

Turn laser beams 90°

90-Line takes a laser reference beam and turns it exactly 90 deg for squaring machinery, checking shaft alignment, and other tasks. A durable housing holds precision optical elements and is adjustable. Pinpoint Laser Systems Write 302 on PE card

Cut pipe fast

DW934K-2 is a cordless, 18 V, heavy duty, 63/4-in. metal cutting saw that cuts 2-in. ID conduit and pipe in one pass. The saw is ideal for cutting threaded rod, conduit, pipe, cable trays, angle iron, and duct work with a minimum of deburring. For accurate cutting, a special multicoated Sight-Line window is built into the upper guard. DeWALT Write 303 on PE card

Cordless hot melt tool

HiPURformer Advanced Bonding System enables maintenance personnel to easily, quickly, and permanently affix and/or repair most items in a facility. The unit replaces cumbersome apparatus previously used to dispense polyurethane hot melt adhesive with a cordless, lightweight, handheld applicator tool that can be carried anywhere. Franklin International Construction Products Div. Write 304 on PE card

Welding wire for high stress

Type 600 open-arc welding wire has excellent abrasion and impact resistance, making it a good choice for high stress applications. It produces a titanium carbide bearing deposit, which has good operational characteristics and easier slag removal than other wires. Stoody Co. Write 305 on PE card

Welder uses dirty power

ALT 304 CC/CV inverter process welding power source features Auto-Line input power management technology. This eliminates the need for power linking mechanisms and allows the unit to plug into 208 V through 575 V primary power without any adjustments. Power can range from 185 to 636 V. Output is 5 to 400 amp and 10 to 35 V (60% duty cycle at 300 amp/32 V). Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Write 306 on PE card

Remove shrink-fit parts

Solution Series Axial Thrust Assembly consists of two, steel, two-piece collars, one which is free to slide on the shaft and push against a component to be moved up to 1/2 in. and another which clamps securely to the shaft. Offers 5000 to 8000-lbs. thrust, depending on size. Stafford Mfg. Corp. Write 307 on PE card

Expand tubes

Millhog Rolling Motor and Tube Expander kits are designed to quickly and accurately control tube expansion and create a tight mechanical seal between a tube OD and the tube sheet. The kits include a choice of rolling motor types, custom-sized tube expanders from 3/8-in. to 41/2-in. OD, hose whip with an inline air filter, oiler, and wrenches. Esco Tool Write 308 on PE card

Plasma cutter

Drag-Gun full color brochure provides complete specifications and a detailed application guide. The application guide identifies performance ratings on mild steel, stainless steel, Aluminum, and galvanized steel. Applications include sheet metal, HVAC installation/spiral duct, metal stud construction, and food service equipment. Thermal Dynamics Corp. Write 309 on PE card

Welding safety

Welding Health and Safety is not only for industrial hygienists and safety professionals, but also for welders, engineers, and others who manage welding projects. Developed as a reader-friendly crash course on identifying and correcting potential hazards, the book covers 25 common welding processes with health and safety summaries for each one. American Industrial Hygiene Association Write 310 on PE card

Weld stainless

Stainless Steels: Properties-How to Weld Them-Where to Use Them brochure C6.4000 is free. Written by experts in stainless steel applications, the main purpose is to provide a comprehensive guide to stainless alloys, welding processes, and consumables under one cover. Topics covered include selecting filer metal and tips on weld preparation and techniques. The Lincoln Electric Co. Write 311 on PE card

Bolting solutions

Solutions to Bolting Problems catalog contains technical information on mechanical stud/bolt tensioners including high temperature designs, updated installation and removal procedures, and many application examples. These products retrofit existing nuts and bolts. Superbolt Write 312 on PE card