By Staff April 8, 2004

Safe table saw

SawStop technology detects accidental contact between a person and the blade of a power saw, and then reacts to minimize injury. The detection system recognizes the difference between the electrical properties of wood and a person. Detecting accidental contact and burning a fuse wire to release a spring happens within 1/10,000thof a second. Stopping and retracting the saw blade happens within 1/200thof a second.

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Cut any size vessel

APS-438 Air-Powered Saw and flexible track system easily mounts onto vessels, tanks, and any other flat or curved surface and ensures perfectly square cuts. A mounting trolley, that glides along the track, attaches by tack welds onto any size vessel. Eliminating the use of torches, this saw and track system produces cuts with

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Weld wire selection guide

Outershield Wires Product Catalog describes an extensive line of gas-shielded, flux-cored, and metal-cored weld wires. In the front of the catalog is a selection guide so operators can quickly and easily find a wire type that meets their application needs.

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Clean, cool catalog

A 112-p, full-color technical guide offers solutions to common industrial cleaning, cooling, conveying, drying, blowoff, and static electricity problems. Compressed air products for conveying, cabinet cooling, and static elimination are featured along with air-saving nozzles, vortex tubes, and air knives.

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Plasma cutting guide

A free Plasma Cutting Buyer’s Guide explains the air plasma cutting process, its benefits over oxy-fuel and mechanical cuttings methods, and typical applications. The guide explains features to look for in a plasma cutter (cutting capabilities, speed, and portability) and provides product specifications.

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