By Staff September 10, 2003

3-in-1 tool

SmartSCANNER is a joystick-operated combination tool for corrective and predictive maintenance tasks. It offers data collection, machine analysis, and correction instructions in one instrument and one maintenance database. The vibration module permits collection and trending of vibration data and allows maintenance workers to take remedial action before damage occurs.

Ludeca, Inc. , , Write 300 on PE card

Magnetic tool holder

MagnaMatPro is a flexible, nonconductive, 12-in. square, 3/16-in. thick PVC mat capable of holding up to 20 lb of metal tools, fasteners, and other ferrous objects. It also serves as a magnetic sweep to retrieve objects such as nails, bolts, and washers. The mat will adhere to any iron or steel surface, flat or curved, coated or uncoated.

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Align cylinder shapes

PipeAlign uses a laser diode to project a dot, line, or crosshair out from the center of a cylindrical object to be used as a visual reference. Four models handle sizes from 15/6 in. to 21 in. OD. The visible beam is accurate to less than 3/8 in. at a distance of 20 ft with an angular offset less than 0.09 deg. The beam is visible up to 300 ft.

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Stick locks threads

Thread Treatment sticks are a line of thread locking, thread sealing, and antiseize products in semisolid stick form. Convenient and portable, the line includes five products: #248 medium-strength blue thread locker, #268 high-strength red thread locker, #561 PST pipe sealant with PTFE, #C5-A copper-based antiseize, and Silver Grade antiseize.

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Align drives

Microgage 2000 is a cylindrical alignment laser; coupled with a hand-held digital display for aligning bores, rotating machinery, drive systems, lathe collets, and other similar objects. It is easy-to-use, affordable, and versatile. The device is accurate to 0.0001 in. and is able to measure straight runs, parallel rails, and flat surfaces.

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Air tool lockout

Pneumatic Tool Lockout can be attached to most pneumatic tools and equipment with popular quick-connect fittings to secure them and deter unauthorized usage. The lockout assists production facilities in complying with OSHA 29 CFR 1910 Lockout requirements.

Southside Safety, Inc. , , Write 305 on PE card

Fast patch

Zip Patch is a patch of adhesive-impregnated fiberglass that effects fast, permanent, economical repair to punctured or abrasion-damaged surfaces. It adheres to metals, concrete, wood, ceramics, and most plastics. The patch withstands temperatures up to 200 F.

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Pipe collars

Solution Series Wrenching collars allow turning pipes and shafts without using a pipe wrench, which can scratch, gouge, or crush. The two-piece steel collars easily install and have wrenching flats on the OD.

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Silicone compounds

A 2-p application selector guide on silicone adhesives, sealants, and potting compounds covers one and two-component systems. Viscosity, tensile strength, elongation, hardness, cure schedules, operating temperature ranges, and application recommendations are shown.

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