By Staff October 10, 2003

Punch & die sets

A 2-min 45-sec online video shows the features and benefits of TruPunch self-centering punch & die sets. The video is accessible through . Punch & die sets are available in three configurations.

Precision Brand Products, Inc. Write 305 on PE card

Dowel pins/bushings

Spring Alignment Dowels/Bushings catalog shows roll-formed, hardened bushings to meet the following objectives: align mating parts, eliminate drilling a hole, protect bolts from shearing, and maintain joint integrity. Call 313-963-2680 for a free copy.

Spirol Intl. Corp. Write 306 on PE card

Hand tools

A comprehensive, 280-p, full-color catalog, #314, details a complete line of industrial-grade hand tools. The catalog provides a wealth of helpful information for safer, comfortable, and efficient maintenance work. An expanded line of narrow-head ratchet wrenches for tight quarters and tool sets with foam inserts for better tool control are shown.

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Fastener info

Seventh edition of the Inch Fastener Standards reference book features technical information, including combination drive systems, plus updated guidelines on fastener design, selection, materials, strength properties, test methods, quality assurance, purchase, and installation. The book features over 1000 documents and is 1277 pp long.

Industrial Fasteners Institute Write 308 on PE card