Three-terminal GDT

Ultra-low capacitance and high surge energy withstanding provide more protection from lightning

By Littelfuse October 17, 2014

The SL1010A Series Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) is a small-footprint, three-terminal, surface mount component that protects a broad range of communication equipment from damage due to fast-rising transients typically caused by lightning disturbances. Rated to withstand lightning surge currents of 5kA at 8/20µs. Its low off-state capacitance of less than 1.5pF minimizes insertion loss and helps preserve signal integrity in data communication lines. Its low arc voltage (~10V) reduces thermal accumulation during long-term power faults.

At just five millimeters in diameter, the three-terminal SL1010A Series GDT is ideal for small form factor applications that require both high energy withstanding capability and a compact footprint.

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