Thermally-protected electronic HID ballasts

Using closed-loop circuitry, these electronic HID ballasts help protect against recessed downlight luminaire overheating.

By Plant Engineering Staff June 3, 2008

e-Vision electronic HID ballasts have dedicated circuitry for self heating thermal protectors for 70- and 100-W metal halide downlight applications. The ballasts are designed with an independent and smart-sensing thermal protector power source, and feature an auto shut-off mechanism for lamps operating in a questionable thermal environment due to misapplication or failure of thermal protector heating elements.

The ballasts feature IntelliVolt multiple-voltage technology, which enhances accuracy and ease of ordering while providing consistent protection and illumination, even during voltage dips or brownouts. The ballasts’ lamp wattage regulation optimizes lamp color quality over life and reduces lamp-to-lamp variations, while the electronic circuitry offers end users and luminaire manufacturers broad opportunities for energy savings, cost reduction and design flexibility relative to magnetic HID alternatives.