The Skills gap: Solutions

Deloitte/NAM study points to the need to get aggressive on developing manufacturing workforce

By Plant Engineering Staff February 18, 2009

Deloitte Consulting and the National Association of Manufacturers studied the issue of the Skills Gap in 2005. They concluded at that time that 90% of employers were experiencing a shortage of skilled production employees, with 18% calling that shortage “severe.”

The study recommended a series of steps to address the issue, including:

  • A greater educational emphasis on science, math and technology-related programs

  • Employer investment in training for current employees

  • Government investment in community colleges and technical education

  • Career education as a measurable criteria for K-12 success

  • Manufacturers doing a better job of communicating skill needs and employee requirements to educational and civic leaders

  • Increased public/private partnerships to support career awareness campaigns.

    • The full Skills Gap report is available for download by clicking here .