The nine benefits of using steam

Here are 9 reasons why using steam is good for your plant.

By Spirax Sarco October 15, 2014

1. Steam systems used for processing in plants take up less space than those heated by water or oil, releasing valuable footprint for other uses.

2. Steam systems used for processing in plants are easily and readily controllable, ensuring accurate and consistent results.

3. As steam is a vapour, it fills the heat transfer space evenly, ensuring consistent product quality.

4. Steam and condensate pipe size are usually smaller and lighter than liquid systems, minimizing installation costs.

5. Steam systems require no circulation pumps or circuit balancing, reducing running costs and commissioning charges.

6. Steam is ideally suited to clean and sterilize products / environments as it is inherently sterile.

7. Two-port control valves are used to control steam processes reducing installation costs and commissioning charges.

8. Being made from water; steam does not release greenhouse gases.

9. Steam is extremely flexible and suits the modern age, as it can be generated in central boiler plants or localized boilers and can tie in with combined heat and power systems.

Content provided by Spirax Sarco, originally published in Steam News. Edited by Anisa Samarxhiu, Digital Project Manager, CFE Media,