Talks resume in American Axle strike against GM

Six-week strike has slowed, stopped production at 30 plants

By Plant Engineering Staff April 10, 2008

Six weeks into the UAW strike against American Axle, negotiators for both sides are getting back to the bargaining table. The strike has slowed or idled 30 General Motors plants around the country.

Face-to-face negotiations resumed this week as the two sides try to deal with issues of wage and benefit concessions sought by American Axle management. The company claims wages and benefits Reuters News story.

The Buffalo News reports the strike’s impact has been significant on workers in that region. With an inventory backlog, GM hasn’t had to worry about being able to deliver cars and trucks, but if the strike stretches much loonger, its poipular Chevy Malibu model may run short on inventory.

On Monday, American Axle CEO and chairman Richard Dauch and UAW president Ron Gettelfinger met privately.