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Motors & Drives November 2, 2021

How variable speed drives save energy for manufacturers

Using a variable speed drive (VSD) can help save money and the environment in many different manufacturing applications.

By Marek Lukaszczyk
Motors & Drives December 5, 2019

Your questions answered: Right-sizing pumps with variable speed drives

Webcast presenter Eugene Vogel answered questions on variable speed drives (VSDs), variable frequency drives (VFDs), and their value for manufacturers.

By Eugene Vogel
Energy, Power August 29, 2019

Hybridization as a disruptive, profitable energy strategy for manufacturers

The basic configuration of electrical power systems for industrial and commercial applications has altered little for decades, but hybridization could change this in a disruptive and positive way.

By Steve Moore
Electrical, Power February 1, 2016

The value of VSDs in improving efficiency

The injection molding industry shows how valuable variable frequency drives can be in reducing costs and meeting environment standards.

By Lyle Meyer, Eaton